Siwei Zhang

B.S., 2007, Biological Sciences, Fudan University of China
M.S., 2010, Genetics, Fudan University of China
Ph.D., 2017, Stony Brook University 

Advisor: Nicholas Tonks

Research Interests

I am conducting my dissertation research in Nicholas Tonks' group at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. My research focuses on functional studies of PTPN23 in breast cancer tumorigenesis and metastasis in animal models.

Honors and Awards

Outstanding Poster Award, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, Annual Retreat 2016


Zhang, J., Wang, Z., Zhang, S., Chen, Y., Xiong, X., Li, X., Tonks, N.K., and Fan, G. (2018). Spatial regulation of signaling by the coordinated action of the protein tyrosine kinases MET and FER. Cell Signalling, in press.

Zhang, S., Fan, G., Hao, Y., Hammell, M., Wilkinson, J.E., and Tonks, N.K. 2017. Suppression of protein tyrosine phosphatase N23 predisposes to breast tumorigenesis via activation of FYN kinase. Genes and Development 31(19): 1939-1957.

Fan, G., Zhang, S., Gao, Y., Greer, P.A., and Tonks, N.K. 2016. HGF-independent regulation of MET and GAB1 by nonreceptor tyrosine kinase FER potentiates metastasis in ovarian cancer. Genes and Development 30(13): 1542-1557. PMID: 27401557

Li W, Zhang S, Numata O, Nozawa Y, Wang S. 2009. TpMRK regulates cell division of Tetrahymena in response to oxidative stress. Cell Biochem Funct. 27(6):364-9. PMID: 19585488


Fan, G., Bonham, C., Zhang, S., Haque, A., and Tonks, N.K. Interplay between PARP1 and PTP1B Modulates Signaling in Insulin-Resistant HepG2 Cells. The PARP Family and ADP-Ribosylation. April 13-16, 2016. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, NY.

Zhang, S., Hao, Y., Hammell, M., Wilkinson, J.E., and Tonks, N.K. A Functional Study in Animal Models Identifies PTPN23 as a Tumor Suppressor in Breast Tumorigenesis through Modulation of FYN Activity. 81st Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Symposium on Quantitative Biology. June 1-5, 2016. Cold Spring Harbor, NY.