Adam Gonzalez, PhD Joins Department as Research Assistant Professor

Adam Gonzalez, PhD, joined the faculty of the Psychiatric Epidemiology Division of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science as a Research Assistant Professor on May 1, 2012. He will work under the direction of Drs. Roman Kotov, Evelyn Bromet and Benjamin Luft on a project sponsored by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) to evaluate a new clinical intervention designed to assist World Trade Center responders who have PTSD to quit smoking.

Dr. Gonzalez recently completed a Clinical Psychology fellowship in the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, where he worked on a clinical trial to treat depression and medication adherence problems among HIV+ depressed patients and directed a clinical trial examining a smoking cessation and anxiety management program for HIV+ smokers with elevated levels of anxiety.  Dr. Gonzalez previously collaborated with Dr. Michael Zvolensky, Professor of Psychology at the University of Houston, on issues related to smoking cessation and anxiety among people with HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses. He is clinically trained in cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral, and mind-body treatments.

A native of Brooklyn NY, Dr. Gonzalez received his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from St. Francis College and his PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Vermont, where he received several honors and awards. He has authored more than 20 published journal articles — many of them on issues related to smoking cessation, anxiety, pain and/or HIV — and has presented talks and posters at dozens of professional meetings, conferences and workshops.

At Stony Brook, Dr. Gonzalez will be responsible for evaluating a protocol that he was instrumental in designing that uses cognitive behavioral therapy to aid in smoking cessation and anxiety management for smokers who have significant symptoms of PTSD. The three-year project, supported by an award of $1.5 million from NIOSH, will enroll patients of the World Trade Center Health Program. In addition to his work as a researcher, Dr. Gonzalez will advance the clinical practice of the center by introducing a new mind-body intervention program to address co-morbid mental and physical health problems experienced by World Trade Center responders.