Psychiatry Library Resources Guide

Ann Gleason, MLIS

March 10, 2015 – With little fanfare, the Health Sciences Library launched a series of Library Guides in 33 specialty areas, including a guide for Psychiatry. The Psychiatry Resources page is managed by Ann Gleason, MLIS, head of the Health Sciences Library. It contains links to online journals and books, to information about evidence based medicine, drug resources and databases like PubMed and PsycINFO, all geared to practicing psychiatrists and researchers.

“We wanted to make library resources more accessible to busy researchers and practitioners,” Ms. Gleason explained. “The library has access to hundreds of databases and thousands of journals. We try to narrow the field for each of the specialties.” Ms. Gleason views the guides as forms of communication between professional librarians and their patrons. “Ninety percent of research is done online these days,” she said. “Students come to the library to study and hang out, but almost everyone goes through the web to find information. We want to make it easy for people who are already too busy.”

The Psychiatry Resources home page includes direct links to the online version of DSM-5, the interlibrary loan page and Kathy Leichter’s video Here One Day. It relies heavily for specialized content on the website listed on the page as Landmark Studies in Psychiatry. “The site is under continuous development,” Ms. Gleason explained “and we are always looking for feedback.”