Kristie Golden, PhD Moves Up the Ladder

Kristie Golden, PhD

Department Administrator Kristie Golden, PhD has been promoted to Associate Director of Operations for the Neurosciences Service Line effective February 27, 2014. She joined the Department of Psychiatry in May 2013. In her new position, Dr. Golden will be responsible for overseeing all operational aspects of the neurosciences divisions at Stony Brook University Hospital including the Departments of Psychiatry, Neurology and Neurosurgery.

The position is designed to foster collaboration between the inpatient services and physician practices while breaking down historical silos in operations, planning and development. Dr. Golden will continue to promote the growth and development of the Neurosciences Institute as a member of the Neurosciences Executive Committee. She will report to the hospital’s Chief Operating Officer, Carol Gomes. As a member of the hospital’s Executive Staff she will play a key role in shaping hospital policy, strategic and operating plans, and budgets.

The Department of Psychiatry will recruit an administrator to take Dr. Golden’s place, although many of her current responsibilities — including strategic and business planning, financial oversight, program development and quality improvement— will remain within her purview as Associate Director. “I am not leaving the Department of Psychiatry, but broadening the scope of my responsibilities to include related departments,” Dr. Golden said. “I hope to continue to have a positive impact on the department’s growth and development, especially our initiatives to integrate behavioral health services with other medical specialties and to help shape the future of behavioral health services in the region.”

Department Chair, Ramin Parsey, MD, PhD said, “Though we are sad that we will not have Dr. Golden’s undivided attention, we are confident that Stony Brook Medicine and the Department of Psychiatry will continue to benefit from her expertise, experience, energy, and enthusiasm.”