Chief Resident Rachit Patel, MD and Professor Andrew Francis, MD, PhD Present Grand Rounds at Nassau University Medical Center

Rachit Patel, MD
Rachit Patel, MD

March 13, 2014 – Chief Resident Rachit Patel, MD and Professor Andrew Francis, MD, PhD presented a Grand Rounds at the Nassau University Medical Center on February 12th 2014 on the mental experience of catatonia and made suggestions about how people with catatonia should be treated.

Their presentation revolved around a case study of a patient who was brought to the Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program and admitted to 10 North with the classic symptoms of catatonia. Dr. Francis introduced the presentation by providing a brief refresher on catatonia, an underdiagnosed syndrome typically marked by mutism, immobility, withdrawal and negativism, among other symptoms.

Dr. Patel then summarized the case of a man with new onset catatonia who had become increasingly mute and withdrawn during the weeks prior. A course of inpatient treatment brought significant improvement, though his mutism persisted until near the end of his stay.

Just before he went home, Dr. Patel administered a post-recovery questionnaire to gain insight into his mental state during the period of mutism. The patient’s mental experience was similar to accounts in the historical literature, one of anxiety and fears.

Dr. Patel concluded with suggestions about treatment based on this case and a review of the literature. The presentation was well received and there was an extended discussion with the audience.