Combined PET/MRI Imaging System Will Advance Science and Clinical Care

October 16, 2013 – Dean of Medicine Kenneth Kaushansky, MD announced the official opening of the Lisa and Robert Lourie Imaging Suite in the Stony Brook Imaging Center on October 15, 2013. The suite, which was funded through a $2.5 million gift from Robert and Lisa Lourie matched by a Simons Foundation Challenge Grant, is home to the new Siemens Biograph mMR hybrid imaging system which simultaneously records PET and MRI data. Stony Brook is the first site on Long Island and the 10th site in North America to introduce this new technology.

Department Chair, Ramin Parsey, MD, PhD, who is the medical center’s Director of PET Research, said at the opening that capturing PET and MRI images simultaneously will significantly advance science as well as clinical care. “The ability to examine function and structure at the molecular level is going to significantly enhance our understanding of major medical illnesses principally by improving our diagnostic and prognostic capabilities. With this acquisition, we look forward to being one of the preeminent molecular imaging facilities in the country,” he said.