Constantine Ioannou, MD and Jenna Taglienti, MD To Direct Residency Training Program

Constantine Ioannou, MD
Jenna Taglienti, MD

August 20, 2014 – Ramin Parsey, MD, PhD announced on August 11 that he had named Constantine (Charlie) Ioannou, MD to be Director of Residency Training in the Department of Psychiatry at Stony Brook University. Dr. Ioannou replaced Michael Schwartz, MD, who served as director for the past 17 years. Dr. Parsey also announced the appointment of Jenna Taglienti, MD as Associate Director.

Dr. Ioannou came to Stony Brook in June to serve as Director of the adult inpatient unit, a position he will continue to fill. Before coming to Stony Brook, he was the Vice Chairman for Clinical Affairs and Medical Director of Substance Abuse Services in the Department of Psychiatry at Nassau University Medical Center. “I have always thought that residency training is an essential component of clinical care in an academic medical center,” Dr. Ioannou said, “and in the Department of Psychiatry training of residents is a central focus. All faculty are intimately involved.”

Dr. Taglienti is a graduate of the Department’s residency program and served as Chief Resident from January through June 2012. She is currently an attending physician in the Department’s adult outpatient department. “Dr. Taglienti brings a great talent to the residency training program,” Dr. Ioannou said. “She has a deep knowledge of the tradition of the program and understands the complex requirements of the modern residency.”

Dr. Parsey said that he anticipates the pair will bring new vitality to a program that is already highly regarded. “The educational experience of the residents will be enhanced,” Dr. Parsey said, “with a new emphasis on preparing our residents for the practical issues they face after residency.”

Both Dr. Ioannou and Dr. Taglienti will have dual roles, directing the residency program and practicing clinically, but Dr. Parsey expects the break from tradition to benefit the residents. “Coverage in the clinical environment will be complete,” Dr. Parsey said. “Dr. Ioannou will supervise the residents during their rotations through 10 North and Dr. Taglienti will work with them in outpatient psychiatry. Together they are a compelling combination.”