Enrollment & Registration


Before the start of each semester you are enrolled in Peoplesoft (SOLAR) for the next semester.

Peoplesoft blocks your enrollment under certain circumstances. You can check your ‘blocks’, ‘holds’ and ‘To Do’s’ in Peoplesoft by logging onto SOLAR and looking at the menu on the left hand side. Click on the menu items to see any messages. Follow instructions to release the blocks on your enrollment.

Your financial aid disbursements are not released by the Bursar’s office if any holds, blocks or To Do’s are not resolved. Please take care of this process at least 4-6 weeks before the new semester to be sure your enrollment is not delayed.

You may not begin clinical rotations unless you are enrolled.

Away Electives

If you apply to take an “away elective”, be sure the elective appears in your schedule in CBase prior to starting any rotation. If the elective is not in CBase, you are not enrolled and may not begin the rotation.

What you need to submit to enroll for an away elective:

  1. First page of Elective Approval form fully completed
  2. A copy of the offer and your acceptance of the away elective
  3. Liability insurance (affiliate agreement in place)
  4. If it is a research elective, submit the following:
  • Proof of IRB review
  • CORIHS training certificate
  • The signatures of the SB sponsor and the away site research supervisor on the research elective approval form (for SB research electives, only the SB research supervisor must sign)

Changing Enrollment

To drop an away elective, submit proof that you have notified the site in writing of your change in plans as well as the site’s response that it releases you from the elective.

To change enrollment for a course you are taking on campus, use CBase/Registration/Drop-Adds.


The deadline for making all scheduling changes is 30 days prior to the start date of the rotation/course you are changing. Any changes made after the deadline require permission of the course director on a drop/add form. Forms are available online and in the Office of Medical Education.