Returning from LOA? Here’s what to do.

  1. When you requested your LOA, the Office of Medical Education wrote you a letter with conditions for your leave. Read it and resolve any requirements in the letter. Requirements include:
    1. Notifying the Office of Medical Education of your intent to return by a certain date email
    2. Updating your PPD and annual physical assessment (
    3. Submitting a doctor’s note, if requested and appropriate (e.g. “fit for duty” letter)
    4. Resolving holds, blocks, To Do’s in your SOLAR account so that you can be enrolled and, if appropriate, a financial aid check can be disbursed
    5. Setting up an appointment to schedule courses/rotations if re-entering years 3 or 4
    6. Meeting all clerkship site requirements on time (these might include health updates, drug testing, background check paperwork, online materials, etc.)
    7. Reading TGIF emails and other communications from the Office of Medical Education
    8. If re-entering the clinical years, read CBase course descriptions for what to do on the first day of your rotation
    9. Check with Mary Jean Allen regarding financial aid and health requirements