Requests for Transcripts, MSPE, Good Standing Letters, Other Academic Information:


Current students can give written permission for release of academic records by logging onto CBase, Documents, Release Information tab, clicking the appropriate box and saving. After doing so, students must email or with both the mailing address and the list of documents needing to be sent.  Since not all residencies require a final transcript or diploma, our office does not automatically mail these to your residency after graduation.  If your residency requires a final transcript or a copy of your diploma, please check the Release Information box in CBase and email us with the recipient’s name and address and what documents need to be sent.

Graduates must make their requests in writing by completing the attached form (Transcipt form.docx) and emailing it to the Registrar’s office ( or for materials to be submitted for ERAS, licensure, fellowships, residencies, or other purposes.  Use the Contact Us link to email, fax or call us.

MPSE/Dean's Letters
Requests for a copy of an MSPE/Dean’s Letter are fulfilled by the Office of Student Affairs. Copies are never provided to students/graduates directly and must be sent directly to the final recipient (i.e. residency/fellowship program director, hospital staff office, credentialing agency, licensing board, educational institution, etc.). Requests should be directed to Jeanine Fazzini, RSOM Office of Student Affairs,

Common requests include:

  • Letter of good standing
  • Verification of student status
  • Excuse from Jury Duty
  • Liability insurance certificate for electives
  • VSAS application authorizations, verifications, transcripts, application release
  • Dean’s signature and school seal on elective applications
  • Dean’s letter to support application for grants, fellowships

General Information

  • Official Transcripts cannot be faxed or emailed.
  • Our office does not overnight mail documents.
  • Students may request an unofficial copy of a transcript be faxed or emailed.

Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University
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Attention:  Registrar

Please feel free to call the office at 631-444-9547 for additional information.