Graduation Verification


Graduation Verification for Fellowship, Licensure, Residency, etc.

Please be advised that we cannot fax or email a transcript or other official sealed document. In addition, we cannot send an official transcript, MSPE or other official signed/sealed document directly to the graduate.  We do not overnight -mail documents so please plan ahead if deadlines are in place.

Graduates should complete the attached form (Transcipt form 1.docx) and email it along with any additional documents to

Please be sure to  include the following:

  • Your current name
  • Your name when you were in medical school
  • The year you graduated 
  • A list of documents that you’d like us to send out
  • Any forms that must be signed and/or sealed
  • The complete mailing address where you want the transcript, MSPE, forms, or other information sent