The Ingredients of Success

Teaching medical SKILLS requires access to decent STUFF. Only then can properly trained STAFF offer adequate medical care in a clean and respectful SPACE with the help of a functioning health SYSTEM to promote better health outcomes in Mozambique and beyond.

Give an S!

Now, have a peek into our pantry:


This is an S we are routinely lacking—especially good surgical equipment, including surgical instruments, sutures and gloves. 

can buy new surgical instruments
can buy a wall-mounted blood pressure cuff
can buy life-saving medications
can buy a portable EKG machine
can buy a mobile ultrasound machine


Thankfully, we are adequately staffed with dedicated and compassionate medical professionals. 

can pay for a month's salary for a full-time pharmacist to ensure life-saving drugs are available in the spaces we need when we want them
can pay for a month's salary for a full-time American specialist physician to teach and train in Maputo


We are leveraging the knowledge base and teaching skills of Stony Brook nurses and doctors to provide specialized skills training to improve the quality of care and to help save lives.

can pay for annual running costs
for the surgical skills lab
can pay for clinical faculty airfare from
New York to teach in Maputo
can pay for a visiting resident externship
to come learn from Experts at Stony Brook University


We’re fortunate to have decent space—this clean and respectful birthing room, for example.

can pay for a Stony Brook Center for
Global Health Equity building in Mozambique


We are working to strengthen the existing health system by leveraging available resources, re-thinking efficient patient movement through the hospital, and re-working supplies allocation across departments—all to improve health outcomes.

can pay for a paging system to notify the blood bank when we need an emergency blood transfusion to save a life
can pay for the setup of an electronic database to capture real-time patient data


As you can see, our shelves could use some filling. Every donation goes to one (or more) of the five S’s.
Thank you for your generosity. It is deeply felt and appreciated.

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