Future Directions

As we build out the specialties of OB/GYN and Emergency Medicine, we’re already looking to the future and working hard to bring more departments into the fold. 

  • Anesthesiology
  • Surgery 
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing

Complex challenges require a multidisciplinary effort. By making global health a University-wide mission, we can bring other relevant disciplines to the table and position ourselves to accelerate scientific breakthroughs necessary to address Mozambique’s most pressing issues—and by extension—the world’s.

Biomedical Engineering 

  • Repurpose existing technologies for use in low resource settings 
  • Develop innovative tools and technologies to meet the unique challenges of Mozambique  

Computer Science 

  • Work collaboratively to implement an open source integrated Electronic Medical Record
  • Harness technology to analyze large amounts of critical data, which will be critical to improving population health

Business School 

  • Entrepreneurship to bring sustainable solutions directly to the patients who need them most

Environmental Science 

  • Inquiry and innovation to improve environmental factors tied to health

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