Stephanie A. Maiolino

Stephanie A. Maiolino
Assistant Professor

PhD, Stony Brook University 2015

Past Positions
Lecturer, University of Missouri (2015-2017)


Lab Website

Broadly, Dr. Maiolino is interested in the evolution and functional morphology of mammalian cheiridia. Her major research goals are: (1) to better understand the evolution and function of nail and claw-bearing digits in arboreal locomotion, and (2) to study the convergent evolution of morphology related to grasping behaviors in different mammalian groups (e.g., rodents, primates, marsupials). She uses dissection (virtual and traditional), digital models, 3D geometric morphometrics, and phylogenetic comparative methods to test hypothesized relationships among morphology, phylogeny, and behavior. Visit to learn more about her current projects.