Frederick Grine

Frederick Grine

PhD, University of Witwatersrand, 1984


(631) 632-7622

Research: Hominin evolution, phylogeny, dentition, enamel microstructure.

Dr. Grine’s research interests focus on the hominin fossil record, with particular reference to the problems of species recognition and differentiation in the Pliocene and Pleistocene, and the reconstruction of phylogenetic relationships among these extinct taxa. He is interested in dental morphology as it relates to issues of taxonomy and function. His research has focused on the reconstruction of early hominin dietary habits from the analysis of dental microwear, and the study of the functional significance of differences in enamel thickness and microstructure. Grine's research also extends to the analysis of human fossils from Middle Stone Age archaeological sites in southern Africa as they relate to issues surrounding the emergence of modern humans.