Nicholas Carpino: Publications

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Noted Publications

Carpino, N., S. Turner, D. Mekala, Y. Takahashi, H. Zang, T.L. Geiger, P. Doherty, and J.N. Ihle. (2004). "Regulation of ZAP-70 activation and TCR signaling by two related proteins, Sts-1 and Sts-2." Immunity 20: 37-46

Kleinman, H., B. Ford, J. Keller, N. Carpino, and N. Nassar. (2006). "Crystallization and initial characterization of the C-termianl phosphoglycerate mutase homology domain of Sts-1." Acta Crystallograph Sect. F 62: 218-220.

Collingwood TS, Smirnova EV, Bogush M, Carpino N, Annan RS, Tsygankov AY. (2007). "T-cell ubiquitin ligand affects cell death through a functional interaction with apoptosis-inducing factor, a key factor of caspase-independent apoptosis." J Biol Chem. 282(42):30920-8.

Mikhailik, A., B. Ford, J. Keller, Y. Chen, N. Nassar, and N. Carpino. (2007). "A phosphatase activity of Sts-1 contributes to the suppression of TCR signaling." Molecular Cell 27: 486-497.

Agrawal R, Carpino N, Tsygankov A. (2008). "TULA proteins regulate activity of the protein tyrosine kinase Syk." J Cell Biochem. 104(3):953-64.

Takahashi Y, Takahashi M, Carpino N, Jou ST, Chao JR, Tanaka S, Shigeyoshi Y, Parganas E, Ihle JN. (2008). "Leukemia inhibitory factor regulates trophoblast giant cell differentiation via Janus kinase 1-signal transducer and activator of transcription 3-suppressor of cytokine signaling 3 pathway." Mol Endocrinol. 22(7):1673-81.

Chen Y., Jakoncic J,, Wang J,, Zheng X., Carpino N., Nassar N. (2009). "Structural and Functional Characterization of the C-terminal Domain of the Ecdysteroid Phosphate Phosphatase from Bombyx mori reveals a new enzymatic activity" Biochemistry. 47: 12135-12145.

Chen Y., Carpino N., Nassar N. (2009). "Structural and Functional Characterization of the 2H-phosphatase domain of Sts-2 reveals and Acid-Dependent Phosphatase Activity" Biochemistry 48: 1681-1690.

Chen, Y., Jakoncic, J., Parker, K.A., Carpino, N., and N. Nassar. (2009). "Structures of the phosphorylated and VO(3)-bound 2H phosphatase domain of Sts-2." Biochemistry 48: 8129-8135.

Carpino N., Chen Y., Nassar N., Oh, HW "The Sts proteins target tyrosine phosphorylated, ubiquitinated proteins within TCR signaling pathways." (Molecular Immunology - accepted for publication)

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