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Noted Publications of ~300

Genome structure, translational control, replication and morphogenesis

Kitamura, N., Semler, B. L., Rothberg, P. G., Larsen, G. R., Adler, C. J., Dorner, A. J., Emini, E. A., Hanecak, R., Lee, J. J., van der Werf, S., Anderson, C. W. and Wimmer, E. Primary structure, gene organization and polypeptide expression of poliovirus RNA. Nature 29l:547-553 (l98l).

van der Werf, S. Bradley, J. Wimmer, E., Studier, F. W., and Dunn, J. J. Synthesis of Infectious Poliovirus RNA by Purified T7 RNA Polymerase. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 83:2330-2334 (1986).

Jang, S. K., Krüsslich, H.-G., Nicklin, M. J. H., Duke, G. M., Palmenberg, A. C. and Wimmer, E. Evidence in Vitro for Internal Entry by the Translational Machinery in the 5' Non-Translated Region of Encephalomyocarditis Virus RNA. J. Virol. 62:2636-2643 (1988).

Paul, A.V., v. Boom, J., Filippov, D., and Wimmer, E. Protein-primed RNA Synthesis by Purified Poliovirus RNA Polymerase. Nature 393:280-284 (1998)

Paul, A.V., Rieder, E., Kim, D.W., van Boom, J.H., and Wimmer E. Identification of an RNA hairpin in poliovirus RNA that serves as the primary template in the in vitro uridylylation of VPg. J. Virol. 74:10359-10370 (2000)

Duggal, R., Cuconati, A., Gromeier, M., and Wimmer E. Genetic Recombination of Poliovirus in a Cell-Free System. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA) 94: 13786-13791 (1997).

Jiang, P., Faase, J. A., Toyoda, H., Paul, A., Wimmer, E., and Gorbalenya, A. E. Evidence for emergence of diverse polioviruses from C-cluster coxsackie A viruses and implications for global poliovirus eradication. Proc. Natal. Acad. Sci. 104:9457-9462 (2007).olla, A., Paul, A.V., and Wimmer, E. Cell-free, de novo synthesis of poliovirus. Science 254:1647-1651 (1991).

Poliovirus receptor and pathogenesis.

Liu, Y., Wang, C., Mueller, S., Paul, A., Wimmer, E., and Jiang, P. A direct interaction between proteins 2CATPase and VP3 is required for enterovirus morphogenesis. PLoS Path. 6 (8) (2010)

Mendelsohn, C.L., Wimmer, E., and Racaniello, V.R. Cellular Receptor for Poliovirus: Molecular Cloning, Nucleotide Sequence, and Expression of a New Member of the Immunoglobulin Super-family. Cell, 56, 855-865 (1989).

Gromeier, M., Lachmann, S., Rosenfeld, M. R., Gutin, P. H., and Wimmer, E. Intergeneric Poliovirus Recombinants for the Treatment of Malignant Glioma. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA) 97:6803-6808 (2000).

Zhang, P., Mueller, S., Morais, M. C., Bator, C. M., Bowman, V. D., Hafenstein, S., Wimmer, E., and Rossman, M. G. 2008. Crystal structure of CD155 and electron microscopic studies of its complexes with polioviruses. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 105:18284-18289.

Toyoda, H., Yin, J., Mueller, S., Wimmer, E., and Cello, J. 2007. Oncolytic treatment and cure of neuroblastoma by a novel attenuated poliovirus in a novel poliovirus-susceptible animal model. Cancer Res. 67:2857-2864.

De novo synthesis of poliovirus and synthetic biology.

Molla, A., Paul, A. V., and Wimmer, E. 1991. Cell-free de novo synthesis of poliovirus. Science 254:1647-1651.

Cello, J., Paul, A., and Wimmer, E. Chemical synthesis of poliovirus cDNA: generation of infectious virus in the absence of natural template. Science 297:1016-1018 (2002).

Mueller, S., Papamichail, D., Coleman, J. R., Skiena, S., and Wimmer, E. 2006. Reduction of the rate of poliovirus protein synthesis through large-scale codon deoptimization causes attenuation of viral virulence by lowering specific infectivity. J. Virol. 80:9687-9696.

Coleman, J. R., Papamichail, D., Skiena, D., Futcher, B., Wimmer, E., and Mueller, S. 2008. Virus attenuation by genome-scale changes in codon pair bias. Science 320:1784-1787.

Wimmer, E., Mueller, S., M. Tumpey, T.M., and Taubenberger. J. K. Synthetic viruses: a new opportunity to understand and prevent viral disease. Nature Biotechnology. 27:1163-1172 (2009)

Mueller, S, Coleman, J.R., Papamichail, D., Ward, C. B., Nimnual, A., Futcher, B., Skiena, S., Wimmer, E. Live attenuated influenza virus vaccines by computer-aided rational design. Nat. Biotechn. 28:723-727 (2010)

Wimmer, E. and Paul, A. Synthetic poliovirus and other designer viruses: what have we learned from them? Annu.Rev. Microbiol. 2011, Vol. 65, p583-611.


Jiang, P., J. A. Faase, H. Toyoda, A. Paul, E. Wimmer, and A. E. Gorbalenya. 2007. Evidence for emergence of diverse polioviruses from C-cluster coxsackie A viruses and implications for global poliovirus eradication. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 104:9457-9462.

Liu, Y., C. Wang, S. Mueller, A. V. Paul, E. Wimmer, and P. Jiang. 2010. Direct interaction between two viral proteins, the nonstructural protein 2C and the capsid protein VP3, is required for enterovirus morphogenesis. PLoS pathogens 6:e1001066.

Wang, C., P. Jiang, C. Sand, A. V. Paul, and E. Wimmer. 2012. Alanine scanning of poliovirus 2CATPase reveals new genetic evidence that capsid protein/2CATPase interactions are essential for morphogenesis. Journal of virology 86:9964-9975.

Ma HC, Liu Y, Wang C, Strauss M, Rehage N, Chen YH, Altan-Bonnet N, Hogle J, Wimmer E, Mueller S, Paul AV, Jiang P. 2014. An Interaction between Glutathione and the Capsid Is Required for the Morphogenesis of C-Cluster Enteroviruses. PLoS pathogens 10:e1004052.

Jiang, P., Liu, Y., Ma, HC., Paul, A. V., and Wimmer, E. 2014. Picornavirus morphogenesis.  MMBR, in press


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