UGME - Visiting Students

Visiting students are encouraged and welcome to rotate through Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University.  We begin to process applications from visiting students early May.  Students from LCME Medical Schools and Osteopathic students use VSAS to apply.  We do not accept applications before April 1st. Below you can find information on choosing and applying for a visiting elective:

  • Fourth Year Electives Course List (VSAS will have the final list of offered electives)
  • When you apply in VSAS, you will be able to download the health form. Complete it with your physician, and upload it to VSAS.


International Medical Student Policy

Renaissance School of Medicine is unable to accept visiting medical students from schools that are not LCME accredited. Therefore no clinical electives are available to international medical students enrolled in schools that are not affiliated with our international global health education program.

How to Apply for a Visiting Elective at Renaissance School of Medicine:

Our first priority is to accommodate the needs and interests of Stony Brook medical students.  Renaissance School of Medicine also offers electives to 4th year students who attend LCME accredited medical schools who apply using VSAS.  Please read course descriptions carefully.  A few courses will indicate that they are not offered to visiting students.  Visiting students applying through the Stony Brook Office of Undergraduate Medical Education can only do rotations at Stony Brook University Medical Center.  If you wish to rotate at our affiliate sites, you must apply with those sites directly.

1.  Visiting students should read this Website carefully and LCME students must use VSAS..  You can call, write or E-mail the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education with additional questions regarding electives. If for some reason, your school does not use VSAS, a paper application can be used. If using a paper application, please proceed as follows:

2.  Paper applications must be complete to be processed. A complete application includes:

  • The application form, including the student's signature on Part I, and the school seal and Dean's signature on the completed Part II of the application.
  • The non-refundable $50 processing fee made out to IFR Account # 910759.
  • An appropriate Certificate of Liability Insurance must be received by the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education at Renaissance School of Medicine PRIOR to the start of the student's elective.  All insurance shall be on an occurrence basis or on a claims made basis with appropriate tail coverage to cover any gaps.  This must be indicated on the Certificate.  This should be mailed to the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education.
  • Proof of immunizations (Hepatitis, Tetanus within 10 years, immunity to MMR), negative PPD (within one year of the elective), and a positive Varicella titer must be signed by a physician and submitted with the elective application.  Proof that a health assessment including flu vaccine has been done by a physician within the past year.  This document should be signed by the physician.  In addition, a meningitis vaccine should be indicated or waiver signed.
  • On their application, students must sign the statement certifying that they will not be employees of the medical center during their rotation at Stony Brook.
  • Proof of personal health insurance coverage while at Stony Brook.  A photocopy of the student's health insurance card or other proof that the student will be covered by health insurance while at Stony Brook should be submitted.
  • Proof of ACLS/BLS and Mask Fit Testing
  • Proof of HIPAA compliance must be submitted, along with OSHA infection control training.
  • Home schools of students should provide results of background checks.  If schools do not conduct background checks, students will be asked to sign disclosure forms before starting rotations.

3.      Upon approval, the visiting student will be notified in writing or through VSAS of the time and place to report on the first day of the elective.  

4.      If an elective is not approved, a student may request a different choice of time period for the elective without an additional SB processing fee.  However, approval by the home school of the alternative time period must be submitted to Stony Brook prior to the start of the rotation if the request is not made using VSAS.  Students are urged to review the list of available electives (click here) and to apply starting in April/May.  Applicants should submit their applications two to three months prior to the start of the rotation they are requesting.  In an emergency, students may request in writing to cancel a rotation a minimum of one month prior to the start of a rotation.  Applications will not be considered if they are received less than one month prior to the start of a rotation.  When using VSAS, you must notify us of your decision to accept an elective within 2 weeks of being made the offer, or the application is withdrawn.

5.      On the first day of the elective, the student reports to the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education at 8:30 AM to pick up a "Verification of Completed Application" slip which he/she then brings, along with an evaluation form from the home school, directly to the department which will supply parking information and a medical center ID.  The student is responsible for familiarizing him/herself with the medical center and medical school policies and procedures, and for maintaining patient confidentiality at all times in compliance with HIPAA.  Students should bring their own scrubs or plan to purchase them for $15.  If a department requires a particular color scrubs, the student may be asked to purchase them upon arrival. Please check with the department before arriving.

6.      The student's school should send an evaluation form with the application or once the elective is approved.  The student can also present the form to the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education upon arrival.

7.      Grades are reported directly from departments to the students' home schools.  The Office of Undergraduate Medical Education maintains a record of the grades.

Making Changes

If extenuating circumstance requires a change in an elective rotation, visiting students must notify the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education a minimum of one month prior to the start of the elective to be changed or canceled.

Requests for additional rotations must be accompanied by new applications from the home school and an additional processing fee if VSAS cannot be used.  Because PPD's and Certificates of Insurance expire, we ask that you submit complete applications and supporting materials for rotations occurring at different times of the year.

Special Accommodations

Students are responsible for contacting the department at least one month prior to the start of an elective to request physical, academic or other special accommodations when needed.


Housing arrangements should be made well in advance.  Stony Brook University Medical Center does not provide housing for visiting students.  Students can call Campus Housing at 631-632-6750 for information regarding on-campus availability and are strongly advised to seek sub-let arrangements in the community.