How to Apply

Applications should be submitted early in the application season, which begins in May and closes on November 15, 2024. The Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University participates in the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). Applications to this service are available only on-line at:

In addition to the AMCAS application, applicants must submit a Supplemental Renaissance School of Medicine Application (available upon receipt of a verified AMCAS application only). A letter of evaluation from the applicant's premedical adviser is also required. If no such official exists, letters from two instructors, one of whom is in a science field, should be submitted. No other letters are solicited. However, the Committee on Admissions (COA) also welcomes letters from others who may provide important information about the candidate. The deadline for submission of the Supplemental Application and all supporting documentation is December 13, 2024.

For the upcoming application cycle for the entering class of 2025, applicants should send all letters of recommendation directly to AMCAS.  The address to which letters should be mailed will appear on the AMCAS Letter Request Form.

All application material should be submitted as early as possible.

Application Fee

An application fee of $100 should be forwarded with your completed on-line supplemental application materials (this fee is non-refundable).  Any request for a fee waiver must be accompanied by a recommendation from the financial aid advisor at your school.  If you received an AMCAS fee waiver, our supplemental fee will be waived as well.

Early Decision Program

For the 2025 entering class, applications for Early Decision must be submitted to AMCAS by August 1st. All supporting documents and letters of recommendation must be received at Stony Brook by August 31st. MCATs must be taken no later than July 13, 2024, and the CASPer must be taken by July 21, 2023, 4:00 PM EST.  Please note that applicants can only apply to one medical school via an Early Decision Program. All Early Decision applicants will be notified of the decision of the Committee on Admissions by October 1st. Applicants who are not accepted to the Early Decision Program will be considered with the regular applicant pool and may then make applications to other medical schools. Please contact the Admissions office directly if you have further questions.


Personal interviews are an essential part of the admissions process for any applicant in which the school has a serious interest. Invitations for interviews are initiated by the Committee on Admissions. Whenever possible, appointments are scheduled at the convenience of the applicant.

Transfer Policy

Transfer or matriculation with advanced standing into the Renaissance School of Medicine is uncommon and dependent on the anticipated availability of clinical rotations in Phases II and III of the LEARN Curriculum. In the event that seats become available, the (COA) will review applications from all interested applicants who have completed coursework equivalent to Phase I of our LEARN Curriculum.

The COA will only consider applicants who are currently enrolled and in good standing at other LCME (Liaison Committee on Medical Education) approved schools of medicine. In addition to an official transcript and letters of recommendation from a candidate’s current institution, the COA requires the candidate’s AMCAS application, including letters of recommendation, GPA, and MCAT scores. The COA will invite promising candidates for interviews.  Applicants interested in transfer information should email the (COA) at

Background Checks

The Renaissance School of Medicine will require criminal background checks for all accepted applicants. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) recommends that all U.S. medical schools procure a national background check on all accepted applicants. In support of this recommendation, the AAMC has initiated an AMCAS sponsored national criminal background check service, through which Certiphi Screening, Inc. will procure a national background report on applicants at the point of acceptance. (There is no additional fee associated with a background check.)  

All conditionally accepted applicants must consent to, submit to, and successfully complete a criminal background check through Certiphi Screening, Inc. Failure to do so will constitute failure to meet the pre-matriculation requirements established by the Renaissance School of Medicine and will result in the withdrawal of a conditionally accepted offer.

Acceptances are deemed contingent pending the results of the background check. A positive response on the background check will not automatically preclude admission, and all positive findings will be reviewed by an ad hoc committee who will then make a recommendation to the COA.

Accepted applicants are required to notify the Office of Admissions with any changes that may have occurred once the CBC is completed and prior to matriculation.

More information on criminal background checks may be found at the AAMC website:

Deferment Policy

Applicants accepted to matriculate in 2024 may request a one year deferment provided they send a written request to the Committee on Admissions prior to June 3, 2024. Each request will be considered on its merits. Deferment requests for medical reasons will need documentation from the applicant’s physician as to the nature of the illness, why the applicant needs a deferment to improve health, and the projected date for recovery and matriculation.  Prior to matriculation, the applicant will need a fit for matriculation letter from his/her physician.