Directions to the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University Admissions Office 
(AT BASE OF ESCALATOR) - 631.444.2113        

CAR: From New York City, take the Long Island Expressway (495) Eastbound to Exit 62 which is Nicolls Road (97N). Follow signs North to Stony Brook. Continue on Nicolls Road for approximately 9 miles until you see signs on right indicating Stony Brook University Medical Center. Make a right at that light and follow Health Sciences Drive. You will see signs directing you to Visitor Parking. Go left to Main Entrance of Medical Center. Parking garage is adjacent to the Main Entrance. Parking fee is $10.00 per day, or $3.00 per hour. When you enter the Medical Center, you will be on the 5th level. Proceed to escalators for the Health Sciences, take one flight down to 4th level. DO NOT TAKE ELEVATORS.

Alternate Route: Take Northern State Parkway until the end, then continue on Rt. 347 (Nesconset Highway) following signs to Pt. Jefferson (stay on left side of Rt. 347). Travel approximately eight miles until you see signs indicating Stony Brook University. Turn left onto Nicolls Road (97N) and continue about two miles. Make a right when you see signs for Stony Brook University Medical Center and follow Health Sciences Drive until signs direct you to the Medical Center Visitor's Parking. (See above for directions to Admissions Office.)

TRAIN: Please consult Long Island Railroad Information ( 718-217-LIRR) for the most convenient schedule from your home to the station at Stony Brook. You should be aware that passengers may change trains at either Jamaica or Huntington to reach the Stony Brook station - please check with RR conductor. The L.I.R.R. terminal is located in Penn Station in New York City and service to Stony Brook is on the Pt. Jefferson branch of the L.I.R.R. (Please allow a minimum of 2.5 hrs. for train travel.) PLEASE CHECK THE WEBSITE AT:

When you reach Stony Brook Station, a campus bus stop is located across the RR tracks which makes pickups approximately every 30 minutes and will take you to the Health Sciences. TAKE OUTER LOOP BUS (There is no charge for this service.) Proceed up the ramp to the Health Sciences and enter through the doorway on the right - you will be on the 2nd level. Take the escalators up to the 4th level - Admissions Office is Room 147A. If you need to take an elevator, please do not take the elevators when you first walk into The Health Sciences. Proceed straight ahead and The Health Sciences elevators are located past the escalators. (Taxi service is also available at the train station - charge is between $8.00-$10.00. If you use a taxi, please have them drop you off in front of the University Medical Center and follow directions to the Admissions Office in the first paragraph.)

PLANES: Service is through Kennedy International and LaGuardia Airports, 50 miles west of Stony Brook. Several airlines also provide direct service to Long Island's MacArthur Airport, 10 miles south of the campus. Airport limousine and taxi services are available 24 hours a ' day to and from each of the three airports - Spartan Limousine service (to and from Kennedy, LaGuardia or Islip Airports) call 631-928-5454; or Colonial Taxi (to and from Islip MacArthur Airport) call 631-589-7878. Lindy's cab is 631-473-0707. Please have these taxis drop you off in front of the University Medical Center and follow directions to the Admissions Office in paragraph one.

FERRIES: The Bridgeport and Pt. Jefferson Ferry Co. provides year-round service from Bridgeport, Connecticut to Pt. Jefferson, L.I. Sailing time is about 90 minutes. For further information, call 631-473-0286. The Cross Sound Ferry Service, Inc. provides year-round service on the Orient Point/New London Ferry. Sailing time is about 90 minutes. For further information, call 631-323-2525.

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