March 2012

This spring Meg mentored four freshmen in the WISE college program, which supports women interested in STEM fields.  Meg designed a curriculum and in eight afternooon sessions over four weeks, introduced her mentees Julia, Alexandra, Krupali, and Kouen to the wet and wild ways of bench work, from pipetting to SDS-PAGE to protein quantification.  We hope they found the experience interesting and inspiring!

The amazing Nanodrop:  measuring protein absorbance.

We love buffers!  Henderson-Hasselbalch or bust.

May 2011

The vagaries of setting up a new lab include accidentally buying way too much of one thing.  In our case it was graduated cylinders.  Returning the case didn't make sense due to the restocking fees, but fortunately, Mary Lou hooked us up with SBU Ecology & Evolution graduate student and Brentwood High School teacher Rebecca Grella, who heads up their science research program.  They were kind enough to send along this thank-you photo.

"The Brentwood research program is committeed to excellence.  We have a state-of-the-art real-time PCR lab and have been actively sequencing PCR products with the assistance of the University of Washington HTseq," wrote Rebecca.  "Brentwood is an under represented minority district, but with people like yourself and Mary Lou we have been able to rival North Shore districts with our science research program.  I am so grateful for your efforts and so are my students."

Generous words from Rebecca; we are simply happy that our extra glassware found a good home.