02.13.2020 -  PI Jessica has been appointed Co-director of the NIH T32-funded Chemical Biology Training Program and is now also an affiliated faculty with the Laufer Center for Quantitative Biology! Excited for a broadening network of labs and trainees!

01.13.2020 -  Katherine Taylor, graduate student from the Kiessling Group (MIT), is joining us for a week-long exchange around APEX labeling with JCS labbers Neetika and Nick. Welcome, Katherine!

01.08.2020 - Kicking off the new year strong with an in-house "Science State of the Union" roundtable! We're looking forward to learning, growing, and exploring in the lab in 2020!


12.05.2019 - Welcome to our winter rotation students Alicia Mendoza (MGM) and Rachel Krausert (MGM), who will be pushing forward our APEX and LprG projects! 

10.11.2019 - JCS labbers sweep poster prizes at the 13th Annual Symposium for ICB&DD! Congratulations to Mike Li and Lisa-Marie Nisbett, whose posters on serine hydrolase inhibitors and outer membrane lipid transport took two out of three prizes of the night! 

08.30.2019 - Welcome to our fall rotation students Mukshud Ahamed from MCB and Hong Zhang from Chemistry. And heartfelt thanks to our Great Neck South High School student Eric Bae for bringing solid science and big Bob Ross energy to our lab this summer.

07.25.2019 - JCS Group took the day off to reflect on progress, set goals going forward, and enjoy some good eats at the 2019 Lab Retreat! This year's theme: Shooting for the Moon!

07.01.2019 - Congratulations to Mike Li on his acceptance to join the Gordon Research Seminar on “Molecular and Cellular Insights in Tuberculosis: Identifying Novel Drugs and Therapeutic Targets”! Mike will also be attending the subsequent Gordon Conference Tuberculosis Drug Discovery and Development.

06.07.2019 - JCS lab is hitting the road for summer meetings in Boston, Bethesda and San Francisco! Mike is attending the 2019 Infectious Disease Career Meeting organized by NIAID. Meanwhile, Lia is traveling with Lulu, and Lisa-Marie to the Boston Bacterial Meeting. Later this month, Jessica will attend ASM Microbe 2019 in San Francisco. 

06.01.2019 - This month, two JCS labbers Neetika and Nuri are away at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory summer courses. Neetika will be participating in the Metabolomics course while Nuri will be learning Advanced Bacterial Genetics. Thanks to CSHL for this opportunity and for generous scholarships that made it possible!

05.23.2019 - Our fearless leader has received TENURE!! Congratulations, Jessica!!! (Cue Etta James' "At Last"!) Congratulations also to our graduating students, Lulu, Amgad and Cate! See photos from the celebration here. 

05.13.2019 - Welcome to our newest lab member Lia Parkin! Lia is a first year graduate student in Molecular Genetics & Microbiology department joining the group after a productive rotation last fall. Excited to have her on the team!

4.22.2019 - Seeliger Lab undergrads sweep spring semester prizes! Senior Amgad Ghoprial has been selected to receive the Provost’s Award for Academic Excellence at graduation. Meanwhile, junior Nicholas Roig will receive an Award for Academic Excellence at Stony Brook University's 2019 Undergraduate Recognition Ceremony. Nick has also earned a URECA Biology Alumni Award, including a stipend for summer research. Congratulations, Amgad and Nick! 

4.1.2019 - Another hearty welcome, this time to our postdoc Dr. Neetika Jaisinghani, who comes to us from Dr. Sheetal Gandotra's lab at CSIR-IGIB in India. We are excited to have her join our team!

2.18.2019 - Welcome to our newest lab member, Nuri Kim, from the MSTP/Genetics graduate program and to our rotation students Karl Fetsch and Samruddhi Jewlikar from BSB! A fun spring term in the lab awaits.

1.2.2019 - Welcome back, Lisa-Marie! Our friend and former roton Dr. Nisbett returns as a postdoc after her PhD in the Boon Lab.


12.5.2018 - Congratulations to Lulu on a successful thesis defense! Watch out world, here comes Dr. Bai

11.29.2018 - Welcome to our rotation students Lia Parking (MGM), Miaomiao He (BSB) and Arpita Banerjee (BSB). Glad to have you on board!

10.22.2018 - Congrats to Erik on his "First Reactions" news and views piece about Zika virus in ACS Central Science.

10.22.2018 - Belated congrats to Hiren and Mike on their review of activity-based probe profiling in mycobacteria, published in Curr Topics Microbiol Immunol.

9.17.2018 - We are recruiting for a postdoctoral position! See more information about how to apply under Contact.

7.15.2018 Welcome to our new webpage! Thanks for your patience as we update content. We are recruiting! Please contact Jessica about rotations and projects.

6.18.2018 Summertime is finally here! Welcome to Jennifer Wang from Great Neck South High School, who will be joining the lab for Summer 2018. 

5.18.2018 Congratulations to our graduates! Dr. Erik Van Vlack, PhD; Dr. Hiren Patel, MD/PhD; and Kathryn Eckartt, BA (Biochemistry)! We are so proud of you. 

5.2.2018 Congratulations to Lulu, Kathryn and Mary Lou and alumni Uday and Peter on their co-authored paper in ACS Infectious Diseases, "Compartment-Specific Labeling of Bacterial Periplasmic Proteins by Peroxidase-Mediated Biotinylation"!  

4.25.2018 Congratulations to Dr. Erik on successfully defending his PhD thesis! 

4.17.2018 Congratulations to Kathryn on being awarded a Provost’s Award for Academic Excellence! In recognition of "graduating seniors shown true academic excellence, not just in the classroom, but in other ways as well, in research or creative activities, or in building an academic community." 


12.20.2017 Congratulations to Jia Kim on graduating with her MS in Biomedical Science (Pharmacology)! We are sad to see you go, but thank you for all your contributions and all the best. 

8.29.2017 Welcome to biomedical engineering undergrads Isha Punn and Cate Costanzo!


11.1.2016 Welcome to Jia Kim, an MS student in the Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology program.

10.25.2016 Congratulations, Uday, on garnering an Outstanding Presentation Prize at the NYAS Emerging Paradigms in Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery meeting. See the prizewinner here.

6.1.2016 Good luck, Dr. Patel and Dr. Touchette! As our first PhD graduates move on, we wish them the best in the clinic and in their future research endeavors!

5.30.2016 Welcome to Michael Li, an MSTP student who is starting his PhD in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology.

5.18.2016 Hiren has defended his thesis and been hooded! Congratulations, Dr. Patel!!! Photos of both defense and graduation celebrations here.

4.25.2016 Congratulations to Rebecca on winning a scholarship Brookhaven National Lab that recognizes "the academic achievements of WISE students for their excellence in research.

4.14.2016 Congratulations to Kathryn on winning a URECA Summer Research fellowship to support her work in the lab this summer.

3.15.2016 Congratulations to Melody on her acceptance the Simons Summer Research Program for high school students, through which she will do research in our lab again this summer.

1.25.2016 Welcome to our new undergraduate researcher and biochemistry major Kathryn Eckartt.

1.12.2016 Happy new year and congratulations to Lulu on her co-authored paper in PLoS Pathogens!


8.13.2015 Congratulations to Meg on her paper in Biochemistry!

7.27.2015 Meg has defended her thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Touchette!!! Photos of the celebration here

7.6.2015 Welcome to high school student Melody Yang, who comes to us from Great Neck South High School.

6.1.2015 Welcome to postdoctoral fellow Uday Ganapathy. Uday comes to us from Weill Cornell, where he did his thesis work in the Ehrt lab.

5.21.2015 Many congratulations to our graduates Peter, Julia and Meg! Much fun was had by lab, family and friends at the doctoral hooding, departmental ceremony and lab party.

4.17.2015 When it rains it pours! Congratulations to Julia on also receiving the Provost’s Award for Academic Excellence for "academic excellence, not just in the classroom, but in other ways as well, in research or creative activities, or in building an academic community." Well done, editor-in-chief of YIR!

4.2.2015 Congratulations to Peter and Julia on both receiving Undergraduate Recognition Awards for Academic Excellence!
Additional congrats to Julia on also being awarded a SUNY Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence. Way to go undergrads!

3.6.2015 Time flies when you're in the lab. A belated thanks to Joe Bonica, who rotated from the MCP program during the winter, and a belated welcome to undergraduate Marissa Alsaloum (Biochemistry/Sociology)!


11.28.2014 Congratulations to Hiren on receiving an F30 NRSA MD/PhD Fellowship from the NIH/NIAID!

11.24.2014 Welcome to rotation student Andreyah Pope from the BSB program.

10.23.2014 Congratulations to Megan on her paper in Journal of Bacteriology!

8.25.2014 Welcome to undergraduates Mohamed El-Tanbouly (Pharmacology) and Rebecca Shum (Biology).

5.22.2014 Catching up on news!
Congratulations to Peter on winning a spot in the URECA Summer Program!
Congratulations to Sahar on receiving the Brookhaven National Laboratory WISE Scholarship, which recognizes "achievements in research in engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and technology fields."
Kudos to Julia, Sahar and Viven on the launch of the latest (and, of course, best yet) issue of the YIR, with a fantastic new website to accompany with the print issue.
And last but not least, congratulations to our 2014 graduates Sahar and Viven. All the best to you!

1.30.2014 Our undergraduates rock. Check out what Julia, Sahar and Viven are doing with the Young Investigators Review, Stony Brook's undergraduate journal of science. Looking forward to the next issue in April 2014!

1.13.2014 Welcome to Erik, who has joined the lab as a PhD candidate!


12.23.2013 Welcome to Jingming Wang, a rotation student from the Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Program.

11.4.2013 Welcome to Erik Van Vlack, a rotation student from the Chemical Biology Program.

8.27.2013 Welcome to Amber Bonds, a rotation student from the Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Program.

8.1.2013 Congratulations to "Master" Lulu Bai on successfully defending her M.S.!  And on joining the Chemistry Graduate Program for her Ph.D.

6.10.2013 Congratulations to Hiren on becoming a fellow in the Chemical Biology Training Program!

6.5.2013 Congratulations to Hiren on receiving the best poster prize at the NYAS Chemical Biology Symposium.
And a belated congratulations to Meg for winning best chemical biology poster at the Chemistry Research and Lab Safety Day in January!  She'll definitely be staying safe with the PPE that she won.

5.28.2013 Welcome to our new summer undergrads Peter Wei (BME) and Tianna Chin (Biochemistry).

4.25. 2013 Congratulations to Viven on winning a URECA travel Grant to support her trip to the CUSJ Symposium at Columbia.

3.31.2013 Viven and Julia presented their research at the Columbia University Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium. 

3.8.2013 Welcome to rotation student Mansa Munshi from the Graduate Program in Genetics.

2.28.2013 Congratulations to Hiren on passing his qualifying exam!  He is now officially a doctoral candidate in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology.

2.21.2013 Thanks to Meg and Lulu for organizing and teaching another great set of lab sessions with the freshman women from WISE.


11.19.2012 Welcome to rotation student Lisa-Marie Nisbett from the Biochemistry and Structural Biology graduate program.

11.5.2012  Welcome to rotation student Wendy Hom from the Chemical Biology graduate program!

11.3.2012  Catching up on new developments in the lab: 

A belated welcome to undergraduate biochemistry major Sahar Bilal, who joined the lab this fall and is part of the WISE program. We are now 4 undergraduates strong.
Lulu and Meg presented their research at the poster session of the 6th Annual ICB&DD Symposium.

7.1.2012 With great anticipation MSTP student Hiren Patel from the Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Program returns to the lab.

5.31.2012  Kicking off the "official" start to summer with an ice cream outing to Port Jefferson.  Welcome to a summer of science, everyone.

5.29.2012  Welcome to our summer undergrads!  Viven is now in the lab full time, and Julia Joseph has joined us through the URECA Summer Program.

3.28.2012  Markus and Jessica's opinion piece on training for young faculty is published in Nature.

3.27.2012  Welcome to rotation student Michael Tramantano from the Molecular and Cellular Biology program!

1.23.12  Welcome to undergraduate pharmacology major Karim Shuaib!

1.19.12  Happy new year and welcome to chemistry masters student Lu Bai and rotation student Joe Matarlo from the Biochemistry & Structural Biology program!


11.28.11  Welcome to rotation student Lisa Shah from the Chemical Biology program!

11.22.11  Congratulations to newly minted and fully official Ph.D. candidate Meg, who just completed her first thesis committee meeting.

10.3.11 Welcome to undergraduate biology major Viven Solomon!

8.26.11  Lots of hands on deck this fall!  Welcome to rotation students Julie-Ann Cavallo from Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology and Lawton Chung and Ben Macaluso from the Microbiology graduate programs.

6.1.11  Welcome to summer research undergraduates Larisa Kamga from CCNY (AGEP-SRI program) and Sam Mark from SBU (HHMI program).

5.6.11  Welcome to research associate Mary Previti and pharmacology rotation student Jason Quinones!

4.6.11  Settling in!  A belated welcome to chemical biology graduate student Megan Himmler, who joined in December.  
Welcome also to Dane Buenten, who is rotating from the microbiology graduate program.
Last but definitely not least, congratulations to biochemistry undergraduate Sam Oi Wing Mark, who won a HHMI Undergraduate Research Fellowship to do research in our lab this summer! 


11.1.10  All systems are go!  The JSeeliger lab is located in Rm 435 in the Centers for Molecular Medicine.