UGME - Committees

Committee on Academic Professional Progress

The Committee on Academic & Professional Progress (“CAPP”) is appointed by the Faculty Senate to monitor students' adherence to academic and professional standards. CAPP is charged with making academic standing and professional progress decisions.  Elected student representatives serve as non-voting members of CAPP and participate in all deliberations. The committee meets monthly. If a student meets criteria for review by CAPP, the Vice Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) will so notify the student and invite the student to meet with CAPP.  Although the meetings are closed, but for invitees, and the deliberations are confidential, a student may bring a Stony Brook medical student or faculty member as an advocate. Moreover, students may prepare a written statement to distribute to the committee before or during the meeting. Legal representation is not permitted at meetings of CAPP, and the proceedings of the meeting may not in any way be recorded by the student or her/his advocate.

CAPP will consider the student’s statements and academic record and will decide on appropriate action including, but not limited to, a letter of warning, remediation or dismissal.  CAPP’s decisions shall be transmitted by the Vice Dean for UGME to the student, in writing, within ten (10) days of the committee's review.

The decisions of CAPP are final except for the following permissible appeals:

  1. Decisions other than those resulting in dismissal, suspension or repeat of a year may be appealed back to CAPP if: (a) pertinent evidence was available at the time of the initial review, but was not brought to the attention of CAPP; or (b) there was an error in the review process.
  2. Decisions that require repeating a year, suspension or dismissal may be appealed to the Dean. Students have 14 days from the date of notification to appeal the CAPP decision.
    If there is no appeal within 14 days, the decision becomes effective as of the 15th day. If there is an appeal, the decision is held in abeyance, pending the outcome of the appeal.

Appeal Process
The student's written appeal must be submitted to CAPP (if based on subparagraph 1, above) or the Dean (if based on subparagraph 2, above) within fourteen (14) calendar days of being notified of the CAPP decision.  For appeals to CAPP, CAPP will review the appeal and notify the student of its determination within 30 days of receipt of the appeal. This CAPP decision will be final.

For appeals to the Dean, the Dean will review the file of the student as it existed on the date of the CAPP meeting. The Dean will meet with the Chair of CAPP and/or members of CAPP, the Vice Dean for UGME, and with the student before making a final decision on the appeal. The Dean’s decision is final and is effective as of the date indicated on the Dean’s decision letter. The Dean’s final decision will be communicated to the student within 30 days of the appeal.