Imaging Facilities

MART PET Research Facility Scanner

uMI 550 PET/CT
Thanks to generous donations, our MART PET Research Facility recently installed a United Imaging uMI 550 Digital High-Resolution PET/CT scanner, exclusively for research. This top-of-line combined scanner has a 24cm axial field of view, the capability of acquiring a whole-body scan within 8 minutes; consists of high-resolution digital PET with 2.9 mm NEMA resolution and 2.76 mm LYSO detectors, with the am 80-slice ultra-low noise CT component with 0.55 mm individual elements. This FOV lends to high system sensitivity to boost data acquisition and enable low dose PET scans. Additionally, this system offers advanced technologies such as time-of-flight, point spread function, HYPER iterative (ROSEM), HYPER focus, deep learning (AI) PET reconstructions, deviceless gating, metal artifact correction, and more.

MiE Scintronic PET
Our MART PET Research Facility is equipped with an MiE Scintronic PET scanner, a dedicated research scanner redesigned and updated from a Siemens HR+, appropriately restored with modernized digital processing hardware and software to acquire list mode data.

Other Facilities

Radiology ACP: Simultaneous PET/MRI
Available for research as well as clinical use, the ACP pavilion houses the Siemens Biograph mMR (molecular MR), a 3T MRI scanner with an LSO PET detectors insert, allowing simultaneous acquisition of MRI and list-mode PET data.
To facilitate PET imaging analysis, a radioanalytical chemistry laboratory, PERL (PET Ex Vivo Radiometabolite Laboratory), is located adjacent to the PET/MRI scanner.

SCAN Center: MRI Scanner
Established and funded by the NSF, the SCAN (Social, Cognitive, and Affective Neuroscience) Center is equipped with a Siemens MAGNETOM Prisma scanner with 3T PowerPack technology, the most powerful gradient in clinical MR scanners. This MRI scanner is the ultimate tool for the most demanding fundamental research applications such as: radial-VIBE (Volumetric Interpolated Brain Examination), MEGA-PRESS, RESOLVE (Readout Segmentation of Long Variable Echo-trains) and DSI. 

Small Animal PET/SPECT/CT Imaging Core

We have a Siemens Inveon imaging system (AKA MicroPET) which provides small-animal PET, SPECT, and CT imaging on a common bed. PET resolution is ~1.5 mm, and field of view is 12 cm diameter x 12.7 cm axial, extendable with multi-bed mode. Images are fully quantitative and coregistered. CT component is a relatively slow step-and-shoot system with resolution down to at least 20 um.  The facility includes a dose calibrator for measuring dose, and a well counter and balance for measuring low activity samples such as blood, with both counters cross-calibrated to the PET.  Animal anesthesia, physiological monitoring, and heating is also available.  This is a core imaging service with hourly rates.  For more information go to: