Current Fellows


Anahje Hector

Anahje Hector Anahje is a junior from Far Rockaway, New York majoring in Biology with a minor in Real Estate and Insurance. She is conducting research under Dr. Jingfang Ju investigating miRNA-based chemotherapy in pancreatic, colon, and lung cancer cells. Her project aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of miRNA in cancer research and its ability to be used as an additional method practiced for chemotherapy treatment. Other than her research, Anahje is a member of the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP/AIM), an active member of the Stony Brook C-Step Program, Women’s Leadership Council Program, and a member of the Stony Brook Alpha Lota Mu Honor Society. She is a former EOP teaching assistant at the EOP Summer Academy. Anahje wishes to achieve her PhD in Pathology and expand her research experience in ovarian, uterine, and breast cancer. During her free time, she enjoys going bike riding with her family, watching anime, and learning about different Asian cultural practices. 

Jenni Hernandez

Jenni Hernandez Jennifer is a rising junior from Long Island, NY majoring in Biology. She is currently working in Dr. Williams' Lab investing the cytotoxicity effects of annonacin on triple negative breast cancer cells. Her research also looks into the racial disparities found in women with breast cancer. She hopes annonacin can become a therapeutic for those with triple negative breast cancer. Aside from research, she works as a Patient Care Associate on an orthopedic med/surge floor, ambulating patients, taking vital signs, interpreting EKGs and drawing blood. She plans to attend medical school and become an oncologist while also doing research. 

Laura Infante

Laura Infante Laura is a senior from Long Island, NY. She is double majoring in Biology and Psychology with a minor in Health, Medicine, and Society. Under the mentorship of Dr. Stella Tsirka, she is now conducting research on the microenvironment of the glioblastoma tumor and how Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) controls autophagy in this setting. In addition to research, Laura is involved in various organizations on campus such as Phi Delta Epsilon, Psi Chi Honor Society, and CSTEP. Furthermore, Laura is currently the vice president for the Pre-Medicine Society. For the past three years, Laura has volunteered as an interpreter at SB HOME Clinic (a student-run free clinic for underrepresented communities) and is now the Chief Interpreter. Laura is also a volunteer EMT. In the future, Laura aspired to become a physician and serve underrepresented communities. 

Ryan Marquez

Ryan Marquez Ryan is pursuing a double major in Health Science and Spanish Language and Literature on the pre-medical track. He is currently conducting research under Dr. Berhane Ghebrehiwet investigating the influence of gC1qR protein in Breast Cancer cell lines across different racial disparities. Outside of research, Ryan is heavily involved on campus such as being a college fellow for GWC, an intern for the Undergraduate Retention Initiatives and Success Engagement (U-RISE) committee, and working as a Student Assistant within the Student Health Center. In the near future, he looks forward to continuing practicing valuable medical skills through volunteer work within the emergency medical services as a licensed EMT-B, as well as obtaining experience communicating with patients within local clinics. With a desire to make a difference in my community, Ryan strives towards achieving the goal of entering the medical field as an Anesthesiologist. 

Esther Smilley

Esther Smilley Esther is a rising senior from Long Island New York, majoring in Biology and Philosophy with a minor in Health, Medicine, and Society. Esther is currently working with Dr. Jaymie Meliker in researching the proximity of mammography clinics to African American communities in comparison to White communities in New York City, primarily focusing on the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. Esther is a current member of CSTEP (Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program), Stony Brook Gospel Chor, and the Vice President of the Diamond Wolfettes. She also works as a phlebotomist and student lab assistant at the Stony Brook Student Health Center. During the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic Esther served as an essential worker through assisting with the development, organization, and production of Covid-19 testing sites for students, faculty, and staff at Stony Brook University and Stony Brook Medicine. She has also dedicated time towards being a UGTA for several classes at Stony Brook, including General Chemistry Lab II and other philosophy courses. Esther aspires to become a physician and provide necessary medical assistance and aid to minority communities in need around the United States. 




Kimberly Ferrufino

Kimberly Ferrufino Kimberly is a senior from Long Island, NY. She is double majoring in Biology and Psychology on the pre-med track. She is currently doing research under Dr. Jennie Williams, where the lab is addressing underlying genetic/regulatory issues that are correlated with cancer racial health disparity. Kimberly plans to attend medical school with the goal to become a surgical oncologist and educate and advocate for those in underserved communities. She is passionate about giving back to the community, especially the Latinx community, and aspires to be a mentor for underrepresented pre-med students when she becomes a physician. Outside of research, Kimberly is involved on campus by working in the Cytology Lab at the University’s Hospital, is a Resident Assistant, and is a part of the executive board for the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) and Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS). She was also formally a Teaching Assistant for General Chemistry II for two years. In her free time, Kimberly likes to cook, listen to music, and travel. 

Erick Intriago

Erick Intriago Erick is a junior from Long Island, New York, majoring in Biochemistry and Psychology with a minor in Chemistry. Erick is working under Dr. Jing Fang Ju investigating cancer cells with microRNA (miR) and modified miR as a future chemotherapeutic. The project's goal is not only to look at the effectiveness of miRs in pancreatic cancer treatment but to potentially use this form of treatment in other types of cancers, such as colon, breast, and lung cancer. Furthermore, for the past three years, Erick has volunteered as a Spanish interpreter at SB HOME Clinic, working with physicians and medical students from Stony Brook to supply free healthcare to the uninsured Spanish-speaking population. Additionally, Erick has volunteered as an EMT-B at Brentwood legion ambulance and is currently the outreach committee chair for pre-med society. With a passion for learning and on the pre-med track, Erick wishes to one day become a physician and benefit underrepresented communities, particularly the Latino community. 

Taylor Rooney

Taylor Rooney Taylor is a junior from Long Island, NY majoring in Biology with a minor in English. She is currently doing research under the mentorship of Dr. Jaymie Meliker to examine the possible linkage between uranium and radium levels in drinking water and colorectal cancer incidence in Georgia counties. This project aims to understand if there is a relationship between the two variables and to see if other factors, such as race and income, play a role in colorectal cancer incidence. In addition to research, Taylor has been involved on campus in numerous ways, including being a College Fellow, a Teaching Assistant, a Student Enrollment Assistant Leader, a Registration Support Assistant, and a Student Staff Assistant through the Office of Academic Engagement. In the near future, she plans on participating in volunteer opportunities related to the medical field and becoming an EMT to receive hands-on experience with emergency medical services and to receive insight on life-saving procedures. Taylor aspires to become a cardiologist in the future to serve those in need of medical services and to promote the inclusion of women of color in medicine. 

Mitchel Sarfo

Mitchel Sarfo Mitchel is a junior majoring in Biology with a minor in Health, Medicine & Society. As an INDUCER fellow, he is conducting research studying cell growth dynamics in breast cancer cells to contribute to the treatment of breast cancer under the guidance of Dr. Amr Ghaleb (Department of Pathology). Mitchel is a member of the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at Stony Brook University. He is an active member of many clubs on campus including SOSA, L'afrique dance team, CSTEP and Pre-Med Society. Currently, he volunteers at the Port Jefferson EMS as a certified EMT. His leisure activities are working out and reading. Mitchel aspires to become a physician and contribute immensely to the underserved communities around the globe.