Stony Brook Adrenal Center

Welcome to the Stony Brook Medicine Adrenal Center, part of the Division of Endocrinology. We are pleased to share information about our clinical services, educational, and scholarly activities.

Deirdre Cocks Eschler, MD, ECNU
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine

Alan Chang, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine

Dr. Deirdre Eschler and Dr. Alan Chang are an endocrinologists with a primary interest and experience in adrenal diseases and tumors. The Adrenal Center units include a multidisciplinary team of experts in adrenal disorders. Dr. Eschler and Dr. Chang and our team of endocrinologists will accept new patients with any adrenal disorders.

Endocrine Surgeons:

Sherif R. Abdel-Misih, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery

Georgios V. Georgakis, MD, PhD

Georgios V. Georgakis, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Surgery

Aaron R. Sasson, MD, Professor of Surgery
Chief, Surgical Oncology Division
Interim Director, Cancer Center Clinical Operations
Co-Director, Gastrointestinal Oncology Team
Director, Pancreatic Cancer Center


Marlene Zawin MD
Marlene Zawin, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Radiology

To make an appointment with an endocrinologist for adrenal-related issues, please call the following locations:

East Setauket:
26 Research Way
Setauket- East Setauket, NY 11733

Advanced Specialty Care
500 Commack Road, Suite 103
Commack, NY 11725