Information For Referral


As you know, we have provided specialized service for patients with autoinflammatory diseases/periodic fever syndromes, a group of complex rheumatic and inflammatory diseases.  These patients have come from all over the country.  To better serve patients, please pay attention to the following.

1. Please make an initial appointment at Commack Clinic, 500 Commack Rd, Commack, NY on Monday mornings or at 26 Research Way, East Setauket, NY on Tuesday early afternoons (Tel. 631-444-0580). Earlier weekdays are preferable, as blood draw is usually needed for genetic testing. This would take time, involving consenting, blood draw, courier, processing in the Receiving Department, and shipping to a Molecular Laboratory out of New York State. Please do not make initial appointments on Fridays.

2. Please bring a paper copy of outside medical records including but not limited to the following items.

Recent CBC, CMP, and UA; Hepatitis panel (Hep B and Hep C) and TB tests (blood or skin testing).

Multiple testing results for CRP and ESR

Rheumatologic workup: ANA, ENA, dsDNA, RF, CCP, C3/C4, ANCA, as well as rheumatologist clinic notes.

Genetic testing results if any.

Gastrointestinal workup: colonoscopy, upper endoscopy and/or CT of abdomen/pelvis.

Dermatologic workup: pictures/photos of rash in the past and skin biopsy results.

Other results: Chest X-Ray, chest CT, echocardiogram (ultrasound of heart), etc.

3. For an initial visit, it may take approximately 70 minutes for each patient.

Thank you!