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When can I apply to the MSTP Program?
The application process runs from June through December 1st for matriculation in July of the following year.

What months can the MCAT test be taken?
Please google for MCAT Administration Dates & Deadlines.

How many applications does the MSTP normally receive; how many interviews and acceptances do you offer on average?
We receive 300+ applications per year.  Typically, about 20% of the applicants are offered interviews and between 25-30 acceptances are offered to fill 8 positions.

How many admittees per class per year for Medical students only?
Our medical school matriculating class is 132 students, 8 of whom will be Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/PhD) students.  The medical school received 5,057 total applications for the 2016 entering cycle.

Do I need to notify you before letting AMCAS know my intent to apply as M.D./Ph.D. to your school?
No. You just need to check the box indicating interest on the AMCAS application.

Are there other opportunities for research at Stony Brook?
Yes - both Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Brookhaven National Laboratory are part of our program and some students do their thesis work there.

What is the typical course of study?
Oversimplifying, the first 1.5 years is medical school; then thesis work is undertaken (~3-5 years); then the last 2 years of medical school.

What are the financial benefits of the program?
Tuition and health insurance are covered for both medical and graduate school. Fees are covered in medical school and the first year of graduate school. A stipend is provided (base stipend, $29,000 this year; with various types of potential fellowship bonuses, up to $31,900). We also support travel to scientific and career development meetings and a variety of enrichment opportunities.

Does the Stony Brook MSTP Program accept international students?
Unfortunately, for financial reasons (much higher tuition levels), we can't accept international students into the program for funded positions. An international student accepted to the regular medical school can ask to join the MSTP as an unfunded student, and we will consider that based on academic merit.

Does the Stony Brook MSTP Program accept DACA students?
Since our current information is that DACA students will be treated by New York State financially the same as domestic students and permanent residents, we are able to consider DACA students for admission into a funded position.