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Program Leadership

Michael A. Frohman, MD, PhD
MSTP Program Director
Email: michael.frohman@stonybrook.edu

Distinguished Professor Michael Frohman has directed the MSTP for the past 14 years. Dr. Frohman graduated from the U. Pennsylvania MSTP in 1985 with an MD and a PhD in Immunology, was a postdoctoral fellow at UCSF, and joined the Pharmacology Dept at SBU in 1992. His research interests center on signal transduction; disease models include diabetes, thrombosis, fertility, cancer and immune responses. Dr. Frohman’s research group has authored or co-authored more than 180 papers, chapters, and reviews, including recent ones in Nature Cell Biology, Molecular Cell, Developmental Cell, Science Signaling, and Science. Dr. Frohman has trained more than 50 undergraduate students, graduate students and fellows; 6 undergraduates, 2 graduate students and a postdoctoral fellow and a research assistant professor are in training at present in his lab, in addition to a technician. Dr. Frohman is also the Chair of Pharmacology.

Carron Allen
Program Administrator
Email: carron.allen@stonybrook.edu

Carron Allen has been the Program Administrator of the MSTP since 2002. In addition to managing all financial, recruiting, and administrative functions-- including the annual budget, grant applications and progress reports, event planning and scheduling-- Ms. Allen represents the MSTP in various intra-University fora as well as in professional and recruitment-focused off-campus events. Ms. Allen enjoys special satisfaction from her role as a trusted liaison between the students, Director, and faculty. She is always available to deal promptly and effectively with all logistic and/or administrative difficulties encountered by MSTP Fellows. She maintains an open-door policy, and is always available to meet with MSTP Fellows and can be reached by e-mail or phone.

Paul A. Fisher, MD, PhD
MSTP Associate Director
Email: paul.fisher@stonybrook.edu

Professor Paul Fisher graduated from the Stanford MSTP in 1980 (PhD, Biophysics), was a postdoctoral fellow at Rockefeller University and joined the Pharmacology Department at SBU in 1983. He became an MSTP Associate Director and was then Director from 1988-2003. His research interests centered on DNA replication and repair.

Richard Z. Lin, MD
MSTP Associate Director
Email: Richard.Lin@stonybrook.edu

Professor Richard Lin earned his MD at UCSF and did residency training / hematology fellowship at Stanford. He is a Professor of Medicine, a member of the institute of Molecular Cardiology, and has a joint appointment and lab space in the Department of Physiology. Dr. Lin's interests center on signal transduction in the context of cancer and cardiology. He received a 2004 U.S. Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.

Maurizio del Poeta, MD
MSTP Associate Director
Email: maurizio.delpoeta@stonybrook.edu

Professor del Poeta received his MD in 1992 at the University of Ancona in Italy. He joined SBU as a Professor in 2010. With the increasing number of immunodeficient individuals and their increase in lifespan due to advances in medicine, there has been a concomitant rise in the number of cases of life-threatening fungal infections. Current antifungal treatments are often inadequate due a tardy diagnosis, collateral effects, and drug resistance. Dr. Del Poeta’s research team is attempting to identify new markers for early diagnosis and specific microbial enzymes/molecules essential for causing infection to develop new antifungal targets.

Markus Seeliger, PhD
MSTP Associate Director
Email: markus.seeliger@stonybrook.edu

Assistant Professor Markus Seeliger received his PhD at Cambridge University in Chemistry/Physics. He undertook postdoctoral training at UC Berkeley before joining the faculty at the Department of Pharmacological Sciences at SBU in 2009. His research focuses on the molecular mechanism of anti-cancer drugs.

2016 AAMC Innovations in Research Education Award, First Prize.


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