Brinda Alagesan

Brinda Alagesan


B.A. University of Pennsylvania (2009)

MD/PhD Stony Brook University (2020)

Advisor: David Tuveson, MD-PhD

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Graduate Program:


Research Interest:

Nearly all cases of human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) are characterized by activating mutations in the KRAS oncogene. Previous studies using xenograft and genetically engineered mouse models of PDAC, as well as 2-dimensional cultured cell lines, have identified a number of changes in cell metabolism that occur as a result of Kras mutation. These studies have been hampered by the inability to study tumor cells in comparison to “normal” pancreas cells in vivo. Using a novel 3-dimensional culture system, pancreatic organoids can be isolated from mice bearing normal, pre-neoplastic and neoplastic pancreata, cultured and genetically manipulated ex vivo, and transplanted back into syngeneic wildtype mice. I am using the organoid model system to study mitophagy and changes in metabolism that occur during PDAC progression in a Kras-dependent manner and to determine how these changes contribute to tumorigenesis and tumor maintenance in vivo.



(MSTP-supported publications indicated with an *)

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