Allen ChenImage: Allen Chen


B.S., General Biology, University of California, San Diego (2014)

M.S., Biology, University of California, San Diego (2015)

Current Position:

7th Year MSTP

5th Year Grad Student


Dr. Shaoyu Ge, PhD and Dr. Qiaojie Xiong, PhD

Graduate Program:

Program in Neuroscience

Research Interest:

I am interested in studying the neural circuit mechanisms and cognitive behaviors that underlie neuropsychiatric disease. My current research focuses on perceptual decision- making, which underlies our basic capabilities to respond to the environment with appropriate actions and is dysfunctional in multiple diseases such as Parkinson’s and schizophrenia. I am using in vivo calcium imaging, optogenetics, and other systems neuroscience techniques to dissect neural circuit function.


Kéry R., Chen APF, Kirschen GW. (2020). Genetic targeting of astrocytes to combat neurodegenerative disease. Neural Regeneration Research. 15(2):199-211.

Chen APF, Kéry R., Ge S. (2018) Genetic targeting of astrocytes in the gliovascular unit of the adult brain. Journal of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Sciences.