Jay GuptaImage: Jay Gupta


B.A. University of California, Berkeley (2016)

Current Position:

4th Year MSTP

2nd Year Grad Student


Lonnie Wollmuth

Graduate Program:

Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology

Research Interest:

I am deeply interested in behavior, namely the physical bases of maladaptive behaviors that comprise the symptomology of neuropsychiatric diseases. This interest drives my motivation to study the brain at the molecular to circuit level. I would hope that an elucidation of the physical bases of neuropsychiatric diseases would help to destigmatize mental illness in general. My previous research experience is varied, including looking at the effects of sleep deprivation on pain in humans, studying neural and hormonal modulators of prosocial behavior in rats, identifying the neurochemical identity of attention modulating neurons in mice basal forebrains and determining the biological causes of an extracerebral tau tracer signal in human PET images.