Mikhail Gurevich

Mikhail GurevichMichael Gurevich


Stony Brook University, BS Biology

Current Position:

8th Year MSTP

4th Year Medical Student


David Komatsu, Department of Orthopaedics

Graduate Program:

Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology

Research Interest:

Recovery after traumatic peripheral nerve injury is rarely complete, leaving patients with permanent functional deficits. It is my interest to investigate methods for improving patient outcomes with pharmacologic intervention. My work involves in vivo, in vitro, and isolated enzymatic work.


Hassan CR, Gurevich M, Vojdani S, Denney B, Komatsu DE, Penna J, Qin YX. Decompressive Proximal Fibula Osteotomy Alters Contact Pressure in the Medial Compartment of Varus Cadaveric Knees. Under Review.

N. Schwartz, I. Mileva, M. Gurevich, J. Snider, Y. Hannun, L. Obeid. 2019. Quantifying 1-deoxydihydroceramides and 1-deoxyceramides in mouse nervous system tissue. Prostaglandins & Other Lipid Mediators. 141: 40-48.

D. Komatsu, L. King, M. Gurevich, B. Kahn, J. Paci. 2018. The In Vivo Impact of Leukocyte Injections on Normal Rat Achilles Tendons: Potential Detriment to Tendon Morphology, Cellularity, and Vascularity. American Journal of Orthopaedics. 47(10): 1-12.

N. Schwartz, R. Linzer, J. Truman, M. Gurevich, Y. Hannun, C. Senkal, L. Obeid. 2018. Decreased ceramide underlies mitochondrial dysfunction in Charcot-Marie-Tooth 2F. FASEB. 32(3):1716-1728.

L. Fernandez, D. Komatsu, M. Gurevich, L. Hurst. 2018. Emerging Strategies on Adjuvant Therapies for Nerve Recovery. Journal of Hand Surgery. 43(4): 368–373.

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(SPOTLIGHT TALK) J. Achonu, M. Gurevich, M. Kaczocha, S. Uddin, D. Komatsu. A Novel Rodent Model of Total Knee Arthroplasty. Paper No. 0247. Orthopaedic Research Society Conference 2018. New Orleans, LA.

(POSTER) G. Singh, M. Gurevich, I. Nozal Martin, D. Bui, S. Khan, D. Komatsu, A. Dagum. Role of Leupeptin in preventing hind limb ischemic tissue injury during reconstructive surgeries. 8th EURAPS Research Council Meeting. 22-23 May 2019, Helsinki, Finland.

(POSTER) M. Gurevich, K. Iocolano, J. Achonu, M. Badalamente, L. Hurst, D. Komatsu. Effects of calpain inhibition on the recovery from transection versus crush injuries to rat sciatic nerves. Poster No. 2128. Othopaedic Research Society Conference 2019. Austin, TX.

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(POSTER) M. Gurevich, C. Hassan, B. Denney, Y. Qin, D. Komatsu, J. Penna. Effects of single biter depth meniscal edge resection on peak pressures in the knee. 7th Annual Musculoskeletal Repair and Regeneration Symposium. 2018. Bronx, NY.

(POSTER) C. Hassan; M. Gurevich; S. Vojdani; B. Denney; S. Uddin; Y. Qin; D. Komatsu; J. Penna. Human Knee Nonlinear Poroelastic Kinematic Analysis and Maximal Stress Prediction using Nonlinear FEM in Cadaveric Knee Loading. Poster No. 1566. Orthopaedic Research Society Conference 2018. New Orleans, LA.

(POSTER) Gurevich M, Kulovitz, K, Komatsu, D, Badalamente, M, Hurst, L. Leupeptin aids in recovery of rat nerve and muscle after nerve crush injury. Poster No. 2420. Orthopaedic Research Society Conference 2017. San Diego, CA.

(POSTER) K. Kulovitz, M. Gurevich, D. Komatsu, L. Hurst. 2015. Adjunctive Treatment of Nerve Regeneration in a Rat Model. New York Society for Surgery of the Hand. May 2015.

(POSTER) M. Gurevich, J. Dilger. 2013. Fast decay in glycine receptor currents: Ion accumulation (boring) or receptor clustering (exciting)? Society for Neuroscience. May 2013.


Intel STS Semifinalist,“The General Anesthetic Propofol Prolongs Deactivation and Blocks Peak Current of Human Alpha1 Glycine Receptors” (2006)