Alex Larkin

Education:Image: Alex Larkin

B.S. University of California, Santa Cruz (2011)

Current Position:

6th Year MSTP

4th Year Grad Student


Benjamin Martin, PhD

Graduate Program:


Research Interest:

My current research interests include the mechanisms of cancer metastasis and the role of the immune system in extravasation and secondary tumor formation. In the Martin Lab I am looking at the role of cell cycle on the ability of cancer cells to invade the basement membrane as well the influences that macrophages have on the cancer cells. Previously I attended University of California, Santa Cruz and received my B.S. in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology. At UCSC I did research in Dr. Bin Chen’s lab on the development of the neocortex. After graduation I worked at the UCSF Memory and Aging Center doing neuro autopsies and looking at the role of fork cells in Frontal Temporal Dementia. To pursue other research interests I began work at Stanford in the lab of Dr. Calvin Kuo on the development and regulation of intestinal stem cells.

Outside of the lab I enjoy playing with my dog, going on hikes, and reading.


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