Margaret Shevik

Margaret ShevikImage: Margaret Shevik  


B.S. University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences (2014)

B.A. University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts (2014)

Current Position:

6th Year MSTP

4th Year Grad Student


Mikala Egeblad, PhD, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Graduate Program:


Research Interest:

My broad research interests include understanding and preventing mechanisms of  cancer metastasis and using intravital imaging to identify components of tumor microenvironment.


Gonia, Sara, Linda Archambault, Margaret Shevik, Marie Altendahl, Emily Fellows, Joseph M. Bliss, Robert T. Wheeler, and Cheryl A. Gale. "Candida parapsilosis Protects Premature intestinal epithelial cells from invasion and Damage by Candida albicans." Frontiers in pediatrics 5 (2017): 54.


Kramer, A. C., Weber, J., Zhang, Y., Tolar, J., Gibbens, Y. Y., Shevik, M., & Lund, T. C. (2017). TP53 Modulates Oxidative Stress in Gata1+ Erythroid Cells. Stem cell reports8(2), 360-372.