Philip Moresco

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Philip Moresco


B.A. Mount Saint Mary College (2016)

Current Position:

5th Year MSTP

3rd Year Grad Student


Doug Fearon

Graduate Program:


Research Interest:

My primary research interests reside in the complex interaction between the immune system and cancer. The body has evolved an incredible repertoire of mechanisms to fight cancer, but clinically presenting cases are those that have escaped immune control. I am interested in identifying ways in which cancer bypasses the immune system, and then trying to target them therapeutically. My previous research experience includes work in modulating tumor immunobiology through cell depletion in the attempt to identify the mechanism of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma immune evasion.


Humann J, Mann B, Gao G, Moresco P, Ramahi J, Loh LN, Farr A, Hu Y, Durick-Eder K, Fillon SA, Smeyne RJ, Tuomanen EI. (2016) Bacterial Peptidoglycan Traverses the Placenta to Induce Fetal Neuroproliferation and Aberrant Postnatal Behavior. Cell Host Microbe. 19(3):388-99.