Bryce Schroeder

Bryce Schroeder Image: Bryce Schroeder


B.S. California State University (2010)

MD/PhD Stony Brook University (2020)

Current Position:

8th Year MSTP
4th Year Medical Student


Shu Jia, PhD


Biomedical Engineering, Stony Brook University

Graduate Program:

Biomedical Engineering


Toward Super-Resolution Microscopy in vivo 


Super-resolution microscopy techniques have opened the way for fluorescence microscopy at resolutions better than the Abbe diffraction limit of about half the wavelength. However, these techniques have thusfar been limited mainly to relatively thin specimens, often fixed. Currently, depths of about 3 micrometers have been imaged at 10-15 nm resolutions using the STORM technique. My research in Dr. Jia's lab focuses on bringing this super-resolution methods to thick sections of tissue and living organisms. This builds on Dr. Jia's published work using minimally-diffracting, self-healing Airy beams to localize individual fluorophores in three dimensions.


Best Poster Presentation, BME Research Day 2015. Best Oral Presentation, 2015 MSTP Retreat.


(MSTP-supported publications indicated with an *)

Bryce Schroeder, Zhen H. Zhu, Changliang Guo, Shu Jia. Engineering and Optimization of Quasi-Nondiffracting Helicon-Like Beams With an Evolutionary Algorithm. IEEE Photonics Journal, 2017

Gregory Kirschen, Jia Shen, Mu Tian, Bryce Schroeder, Jia Wang, Guoming Man, Song Wu, and Shaoyu Ge. Active dentate granule cells encode experience to promote the addition of adult-born hippocampal neurons. Journal of Neuroscience, 2017

Volumetric Light-field Encryption at the Microscopic Scale. Haoyu Li, Changliang Guo, Inbarasan Muniraj, Bryce C. Schroeder, John T. Sheridan and Shu Jia

Huang W#, Loganantharaj R#, Schroeder B#, Fargo D, Li L. (2013). PAVIS: a tool for Peak Annotation and Visualization. Bioinformatics. PMID: 24008416 (#: co-first-authors.)

Haoyu Li, Changliang Guo, Inbarasan Muniraj, Bryce Schroeder, John Sheridan, and Shu Jia.  Volumetric Light-Field Encryption at the Microscopic Scale.  [Paper SREP-16-13362B]