Graduating Class of 2010

Graduating Class of 2010

Siolas, Despina C.
B.S. St. John's University, 2001
M.D. and Ph.D. in Genetics
Dissertation Title: "RNA interference screens as a tool for discovering gene function"
Mentor: Gregory Hannon, Ph.D., Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Residency: Internal Medicine/Research Pathway, NYU School of Medicine, New York, NY

Selected Publications:
Silva, J.M., Li, M.Z., Chang, K., Ge, W., Golding, M.C., Rickles, R.J., Siolas, D., Hu, G., Paddison, P.J., Schlabach, M.R., Sheth, N., Bradshaw, J., Burchard, J., Kulkarni, A., Cavet, G., Sachdanandam, R., McCombie, W.R., Cleary, M.A., Elledge, S.J., and Hannon, G.J. (2005). Second-generation shRNA libraries covering the mouse and human genomes. Nat. Genet. 37:1281-8.

Siolas, D., Lerner, C., Burchard, J., Ge, W., Linsley, P.S., Paddison, P.J., Hannon, G.J., and Cleary (2005). M.A. Synthetic shRNAs as potent RNAi triggers. Nat. Biotechnol. 23:227-31.

Teressa, Getu G.
B.S. Stony Brook University, 2001
M.D. and Ph.D. in Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology
Dissertation Title: "Molecular Mechanisms that Regulate Neuromuscular Synapse Formation"
Mentor: Joav Prives, Ph.D., Stony Brook University
Residency: Internal Medicine, Stony Brook Teaching Hospital, New York, NY

Selected Publications:
Teressa G., and Prives J., Cell culture-based analysis of postsynaptic membrane assembly. Biol. Procedures. 2008. 10:58-65.

Weston, C. A., Teressa, G., Weeks, B. S., and Prives, J. (2007). Agrin and laminin induce acetylcholine receptor clustering by convergent, Rho GTPase-dependent signaling pathways. J. Cell Science 120, 868-875.

Weston, C., Gordon, C., Teressa, G., Hod, E., Ren, X.-D., and Prives, J. Cooperative regulation by Rac and Rho of agrin-induced acetylcholine receptor clustering in muscle cells. J Biol Chem. 2003. 278:6450-5.

Roohi, Jasmin
B.A. New York University, 2002
M.D. and Ph.D. in Genetics
Dissertation Title: "Identification of Potential Candidate Genes in Autism Spectrum Disorder"
Mentor: Eli Hatchwell, M.A., M.B., BChir (Cantab), B.A. (OU), DPhil (Oxon), M.D., Ph.D., Stony Brook University
Residency: Internal Medicine, Einstein/Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, NY

Selected Publications:
Roohi J, Cammer M, Montagna C, Hatchwell E. 2008a. An improved method for generating BAC DNA suitable for FISH. Cytogenet Genome Res 121(1):7-9.

Roohi J, Montagna C, Tegay DH, Palmer LE, DeVincent C, Pomeroy JC, Christian SL, Nowak N, Hatchwell E. 2009b. Disruption of contactin 4 in three subjects with autism spectrum disorder. J Med Genet 46(3):176-82.

Roohi J, Tegay DH, Pomeroy JC, Burkett S, Stone G, Stanyon R, Hatchwell E. 2008b. A de novo apparently balanced translocation [46,XY,t(2;9)(p13;p24)] interrupting RAB11FIP5 identifies a potential candidate gene for autism spectrum disorder. Am J Med Genet B Neuropsychiatr Genet 147B(4):411-7.