Jordan Pearson

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Jordan Pearson


B.A. University of Pennsylvania (2017)

Current Position:

2nd Year MSTP

2nd Year Medical Student



Graduate Program:


Research Interest:

I am interested in studying the molecular mechanisms and pathways that, when malfunctioning, lead to neurodegenerative disease. My most recent research has focused on the underlying mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease. Specifically, I studied why dopamingeric neurons in the midbrain are particularly susceptible to cell death in diseased patients. Previous to this, as an undergraduate, I studied the relationship between taste, energy density, and obesity in rodents as a model for humans.


Markus Riessland, Benjamin Kolisnyk, Tae Wan Kim, Jia Cheng, Jason Ni, Jordan A. Pearson, Emily J. Park, Kevin Dam, Devrim Acehan, Lavoisier S. Ramos-Espiritu, Wei Wang, Jack Zhang, Jae-won Shim, Gabriele Ciceri, Lars Brichta, Lorenz Studer, Paul Greengard. “Loss of SATB1 Induces a p21 Dependent Cellular Senescence Phenotype in Dopaminergic Neurons” Cell Stem Cell (In print).

Tordoff, Michael G., Jordan A. Pearson, Hillary T. Ellis, and Rachel L. Poole. "Does eating good-tasting food influence body weight?" Physiology and Behavior 170 (2017): 27-31.