Jordan Pearson

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Jordan Pearson


B.A. University of Pennsylvania (2017)

Current Position:

3rd Year MSTP

1st Year Graduate Student


Douglas Fearon, CSHL

Graduate Program:


Research Interest:

I am interested in determining how tumors are able to avoid the immune system. Cancer and the immune system have a complicated relationship in which tumors are able to survive and grow by excluding T cells from the cancer nests and even causing T cell apoptosis. My goal is to understand the mechanisms tumors use to evade the immune system and the pathway by which T cells enter apoptosis. My previous research involved studying the underlying molecular mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease, specifically why dopaminergic neurons in the midbrain are particularly susceptible to cell death in diseased patients. As an undergraduate I studied the relationship between taste, energy density, and obesity in rodents as a model for humans.


Markus Riessland, Benjamin Kolisnyk, Tae Wan Kim, Jia Cheng, Jason Ni, Jordan A. Pearson, Emily J. Park, Kevin Dam, Devrim Acehan, Lavoisier S. Ramos-Espiritu, Wei Wang, Jack Zhang, Jae-won Shim, Gabriele Ciceri, Lars Brichta, Lorenz Studer, Paul Greengard. “Loss of SATB1 Induces a p21 Dependent Cellular Senescence Phenotype in Dopaminergic Neurons” Cell Stem Cell (In print).

Tordoff, Michael G., Jordan A. Pearson, Hillary T. Ellis, and Rachel L. Poole. "Does eating good-tasting food influence body weight?" Physiology and Behavior 170 (2017): 27-31.