Erica Nebet

Erica NebetImage: Erica Nebet


A.A. Bard College (2016)

B.S. New York University (2020)

Current Position:

1st Year MSTP



Graduate Program:


Research Interest:

I have long been interested in the development of innovative treatments that target the underlying causes of neurological disorders, with a particular emphasis on epilepsy. My previous research has investigated the balance of excitatory and inhibitory activity in the hippocampus, a common seizure focus in the brain, to better understand seizure development and propagation. More specifically, I have studied the mechanism via which cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive component of Cannabis sativa, produces an anti-epileptic effect; excitingly, CBD is now offered as a treatment for patients with refractory epilepsy.


Rosenberg E, Chamberland S, Bazelot M, Nebet ER, Wang X, McKenzie S, Jain S, Greenhill S, Salah A, Bailey S, Patra P, Rose R, Chenouard N, Sun SD, Jones D, Buzsáki G, Devinsky O, Woodhall G, Scharfman H, Whalley, B, Tsien, RW. Cannabidiol blocks a seizure-induced feedback loop driven by enhanced lipid signaling. Neuron. In Review.

Chamberland S, Hanani M, Egger R, Nebet ER, Larsen S, Eyring K, Long MA, Tsien RW. Brief synaptic inhibition persistently interrupts firing of fast-spiking interneurons. Neuron In Review.