Laurel Schappell

Image: Laurel SchappellLaurel Schappell


B.S. University of Delaware (2019)

M.S. University of Delaware (2021)

Current Position:

1st Year MSTP


Graduate Program:


Research Interest:

I am primarily interested in tissue engineering and mechanobiology in the context of the lungs and vasculature. My previous research focused on developing novel platforms to quantify lung mechanics during development and investigate the role of mechanical forces and external stimuli on vascular morphogenesis. Specifically, I have focused on the applications of these tools to better understand development-related pathologies.


Gilbert R, Schappell LE, Gleghorn JP. Defective mesothelium and limited physical space are drivers of dysregulated lung development in a genetic model of congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Development. 2021. 148(10).

Schappell LE, Minahan DJ, Gleghorn JP. A microfluidic system to measure neonatal lung compliance over late stage development as a functional measure of lung tissue mechanics. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering. 2020. 142(10): 100803.

Narayanan V, Schappell LE, Mayer CR, Duke AA, Armiger TJ, Arsenovic PT, Mohan A, Dahi KN, Gleghorn JP, Conway DE. Osmotic gradients in epithelial acini increase mechanical tension across E-cadherin, drive morphogenesis, and maintain homeostasis. Current Biology. 2020. 30(4): 624-633.