Sophie Shifman

Image: SophieSophie Shifman


B.A. Rutgers University (2018)

Current Position:

2nd Year MSTP

2nd Year Medical Student



Graduate Program:


Research Interest:

In general, cells and the brain are two fields of study I find fascinating. My research experience in both cancer biology and neuroscience has driven my aspiration to combine the two fields in my future work as a physician scientist. My previous research has focused on elucidating the effects of antidepressant on neurogenesis in the hippocampus and behavior of female mice across their reproductive cycle, on revealing cellular mechanisms in various cancer histologies of resistance to therapy through the MAPK pathway and of feedback inhibition within the PI3K pathway, and on investigating new approaches in targeted and combinational therapies for tumors resistant to conventional treatment. Going forward, I hope to bring my interests together in studying mechanisms of cancer in the brain and the systemic and psychological effects thereof in cell and animal models.


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