John Yuen   Yuen


B.A. New York University (2016)

Current Position:

5th Year MSTP

3rd Year Grad Student


Jingfang Ju, PhD

Graduate Program:


Research Interest:

On a global level, I am interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms that shape the diverse presentations of human disease and their challenges to treatment. To more fully understand these mechanisms requires precise understanding of not only the pathogenesis of a particular disease, but also its interactions with its environment. I currently study the role of microRNA—small non-coding RNA molecules that effects gene expression by RNA interference and translational silencing—in human cancer models. My work is focused on the effects that specific microRNAs may have on the tumor microenvironment (TME) and their general tendency to promote resistance to chemotherapy and immunotherapy. In addition, I am looking more closely at how perturbing these molecular pathways with therapeutic microRNAs will affect the TME and impact treatment.


Yuen J.G., Noble L.M., Moscatelli M.A., Rockman M.V. (2019) Presence of males in a selfing populations: C. tropicalis genetic map construction and QTL mapping of hermaphrodite mating propensity. In preparation