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Guidelines for year 1

MSTP Guidelines for Year 1

Lab Research Rotation (the lab should not be the same as the one you rotated in last summer unless waived by the Director):

- Must be tentatively arranged by Jan 1st of the calendar year of the summer rotation.
- Two backup labs must also be identified if lab is not the confirmed PhD thesis lab.
- Choice(s) must be approved by Program Director (before contacting PI of interest).
- After approval, please contact the approved labs to find one to work in.
- Confirm primary choice with PI in early May.
- Rotation Period: From end of first-year classes to beginning of second-year classes.
- A two-week vacation may be taken at any point during the summer research period, as mutually convenient with the rotation advisor.

Deviations from Policy

     Waivers to the above can be petitioned to the Director and Steering Committee in the event of extenuating circumstances. Such circumstances can include medical, personal, academic, or professional reasons (e.g. pregnancies, weddings, academic difficulty, or unique scientific opportunities). Waivers must receive the approval of the MD/PhD Program’s Executive Committee and may involve a break in scholarship support, as decided upon by the executive committee.

     Violations of the above policy will automatically trigger review of the incident by the MSTP Executive Committee to determine whether the student should be referred to the Dean for suspension or dismissal from the MSTP. Suspension will entail immediate and full loss of stipend support for a period of time as recommended by the Executive Committee and approved by the Dean. Suspensions may be noted in the academic record as presented in the Dean’s letter to residency programs.