MSTP Guidelines for Year 2 Medical Students

Joining a Graduate Program:

- Application to a specific program must be made in July so that you’ll be matriculated in the grad school for the fall semester of your third year.

- You are officially already admitted to the Graduate School "with an undefined major."

- Let the MSTP administrator know which program you want to join (April-June) and we will contact the program, forwarding all the needed information (Grad Application Packet). If you don’t know what program to join, discuss with the Program Co-Directors (Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology will be used as the default).

Lab Research Rotation:
- Should be arranged by Jan 1st.
- Two backup labs must also be identified.
- Choice(s) must be approved by Program Co-Directors (before contacting PI of interest)
- After approval, please contact the approved labs to find one to work in.
- The Step I USMLE exam must be taken before March 1st .
- The rotation MUST start no later than March 1st (if you want a break, take Step I earlier than the last moment!).

- A summer rotation can be taken as needed; else the thesis lab can be joined in May.

- Graduate classes will start in late August.

- With the approval of your rotation mentor, you can choose to take some or all of your two-weeks of vacation at any point during the summer research period.

Deviations from Policy

     Waivers to the above can be petitioned to the Co-Directors and Executive Committee in the event of extenuating circumstances. Such circumstances can include medical, personal, academic, or professional reasons (e.g. pregnancies, weddings, academic difficulty, or unique scientific opportunities). Students in academic difficulty should address their concerns to the Dean’s office (Dr. Stella Tsirka; please cc the program), who will determine whether to approve additional time to prepare for the Step I exam. Note that students who are approved for additional time may nonetheless encounter a break in MSTP scholarship support, as decided upon by the MSTP Executive committee.

As an MSTP student, Graduate UMR-RF health insurance is financially secured by your fellowship. There are no student out-of-pocket fees. No other student health insurance is needed. A health insurance enrollment application must be completed and submitted (contact the MSTP administrator for more information). Once enrolled, the insurance carrier will mail an ID card to the address listed on the application form.

Attention: Students in the Medical School Component of the MSTP program

In the medical school component of the program, students are automatically enrolled and invoiced for the clinical University Health Insurance (RSHIP) upon registration. Remove this fee from your student account by completing the opt-out waiver in SOLAR stating that you will be receiving coverage through the Graduate UMR-RF (fellows) health insurance