Physiology & Biophysics Research Facilities

The Department of Physiology and Biophysics is well equipped with major research instrumentation for physiological, metabolic, and biochemical studies: scintillation counters for radioisotope work, ultracentrifuges, an amino acid analyzer, a gas-phase protein sequencer, a DNA synthesizer, and instrumentation for measuring ORD and CD, plus a wide variety of chromatographic, electrophoretic, spectrophotometric, and electronic equipment. The department has a fully equipped cell and molecular biology core facility that enables students to engage in studies involving RNA-DNA recombinant technology. A computer center containing a molecular modeling facility is also located in the department. Also available in Health Sciences Center core facilities are a peptide synthesizer, mass spectrophotometer, and laboratory for chemical synthesis of low-molecular-weight compounds. NMR instrumentation is also available through collaboration with other departments. Department faculty members are associated with a Health Sciences Center diabetes and metabolism group and have collaborative arrangements with other basic science and clinical departments.

Biophysics Program Research Facilities

All of the faculty have independent research programs and well-equipped laboratories to carry out these programs. There are major shared facilities for X-ray diffraction, nuclear magnetic resonance, electron microscopy, molecular modeling, and molecular biology at Stony Brook and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. In addition, Brookhaven National Laboratory offers unique possibilities employing synchrotron radiation and neutron diffraction.