For Undergraduates (UCEP)

Spring 2024 UCEP Application 

Applications for Spring 2024 are now open! 

Deadline: 02/04/2024 11:59 PM 

Program Description

The Undergraduate Clinical Experience Program (UCEP) is run by SB HOME (Stony Brook Health Outreach and Medical Education), a student-run free clinic affiliated with Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook. The program is designed to provide clinical exposure to Stony Brook undergraduates, give them the opportunity to work with patients from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, and educate them on fundamental clinical skills.

Students will attend a number of workshops pertaining to different medical specialties and the medical school application process. They will also shadow medical students and attending physicians who work at the clinic. Students will be responsible for their own transportation to the clinic should in person shadowing resume.

Students will:

  • Shadow medical students and attending physicians as they examine and diagnose patients 
  • Attend clinical workshops to learn about a variety of topics pertaining to medical practice, including history taking, the physical exam, cardiology, radiology, ultrasonography, pathology, and tele-health
  • Provide translation services to patients, should the student be bilingual in Spanish and English
  • Learn how to take vital signs, as well as the principles of a basic physical exam and differential diagnosis
  • Be assigned a medical student mentor to discuss the medical school application process and receive help in preparing their applications
  • Sit for mock medical school interviews, both in one-on-one and the increasingly popular multiple mini interview (MMI) formats

Students will be required to:

  • Attend at least one community health education event of their choosing (should the pandemic allow for it)
  • Write a double-spaced 1-page reflection on their experience after each shadowing session and workshop
  • Give a 10 minute Powerpoint presentation on a condition of their choosing at the end of the program
  • Fill out a feedback form at the end of the program

Upon satisfactory completion of the program, the SB HOME Steering Committee and/or faculty advisor would be happy to write a letter of recommendation.

Application Process
Students will submit an application to SB HOME. After review, they may be invited to a series of interviews with Renaissance School of Medicine students.

After being selected, they will be trained in HIPAA compliance—or the laws related to patient confidentiality in a clinical setting. They will also need to provide SB HOME with a copy of their immunization records and complete a waiver and release form.


To read a past participant's thoughts on the program, please click here to view Reese Imhof's Thoughts on UCEP. 

Please direct any questions concerning the program to Hannah Agoglia at