Resident Testimonials & Video


Quotes from our Current Residents

image"Stony Brook is a wonderful place to train for dermatology residency. The faculty are warm, engaging, and provide a very supportive learning environment for the residents. By rotating at multiple clinical sites, we get great training in both medical and surgical dermatology. I feel confident that the skills I am learning through residency at Stony Brook will allow me to become a compassionate and knowledgeable dermatologist." – Michele

image"The best part of the Stony Brook Dermatology program are the people I work with. My coresidents feel like my family, and I know I can always count on them anytime I need anything." – Mihir



"I feel lucky and honored to be a part of the Stony Brook Dermatology residency program.  The sundry clinical, dermatopathologic, and surgical experiences that residents obtain make this a strong residency program.  In addition, having a VA site is a wonderful boon, as residents obtain much of their formative surgical training here, and really learn to take ownership of their patients.  Last but not least, my favorite part of this residency program is the people.  Everyone, from the faculty, staff, and residents is incredibly warm and welcoming, and makes me feel that I’m part of a bigger family.  I’m confident that the training I receive at Stony Brook Dermatology will enable me to handle any dermatologic condition in the future." - Michael


Quotes from our Graduated Residents


Graduated 2018

"As a first year dermatology resident, Stony Brook has provided me with a strong and in depth introduction to all aspects of the field. I feel lucky to learn from faculty that are bright, kind, and compassionate and am confident that the wide array of clinical sites and experiences will provide me with a lifelong foundation for patient care." - Lea



“I am really proud and happy to being doing my residency training at stony brook. We are lucky to have a faculty and staff that support our education and intellectually stimulating and challenging cases in both medical and surgical dermatology.  When I graduate, I know I will be comfortable practicing in any setting.” – Cindy


Graduated 2017

“The clinical staff are phenomenal. It’s incredibly impressive how often they get it right and how quickly they work. I'm learning how to do my job well and efficiently, and that's incredibly important in modern medicine." - Kyle

"The faculty have a variety of interests. From pure clinical, to surgical, cosmetic, research, there is a good blend of each here at Stony Brook, with plans to expand in every direction" - Kyle 

"The Stony Brook University Department of Dermatology Residency program has numerous positive components.  First among them is the competence of the clinical faculty. The program is very well organized.  There are numerous opportunities to work in different clinical environments, including the outpatient and University Hospital setting, as well as the ability to work at a well-established, well run, VA hospital, e.g. the Northport VA, and to rotate through Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Hauppauge.   The combination of these different sites afford the residents the ability to develop and further refine their clinical skills, especially in medically complex dermatology, as well as dermatologic surgery." - Ari


Graduated 2016

"Stony Brook Dermatology is a wonderful learning institution. We have multiple clinical sites and get a wide variety of exposure to different patient populations and practice settings. The department is smaller, which lends itself to higher faculty-to-resident ratio as well as a strong sense of community and collegiality." - Jina

Graduated 2016

 "The camaraderie and support at Stony Brook make you feel comfortable and supported while you master your respective field" - Roman


Graduated 2015

“Working with Dr. Marghoob at Memorial Sloan Kettering is awesome! We are so lucky to learn from a national expert!” - Sara

“If you're interested in surgery or surgical fellowship, Stony Brook is a great place to train. There is a lot of opportunity for hands-on surgical experience throughout the Mohs and VA hospital rotations. I feel good walking away from this residency with the experience and surgical skills that I will bring into my future practice.” - Sara

Graduated 2015

"As a graduating dermatology resident, I can say with great confidence that I feel very prepared to embark on the next part of my career as an attending dermatologist. The dermatology residency program at Stony Brook has provided me with excellent training in all aspects of dermatology. I feel well equipped to deal with the wide variety of skin concerns that my future patients may present with and I am excited to use the skills that I have acquired during my training!" - Antonia