Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to come to the campus of Stony Brook University?

The Graduate Nutrition Program is completely online.  There is no need to come to campus at all.

What is the tuition for the MS program?

The tuition is set by Stony Brook University and can be viewed via the bursar link of the Stony Brook University website: Click on the Graduate fees for a detailed chart of fees. Each of the courses in the Graduate Nutrition Program is 3 credits.

Is there an application fee?

Yes, there is a $100 non-refundable application fee.

What are the prerequisites for the program?

The prerequisites for the MS program can be found on our Admissions page.

How many credits is each program?

The MS program is 36 credits.  Prerequisite course(s) are not included in the 36 credits of the MS program.  

How long will it take to complete my MS degree?

The average time to completion is 2-3 years, but it varies depending upon how many courses a student elects to take each semester. A student must complete the degree requirements within 5 years. Some summer courses are necessary in order to complete the degree.

What is the deadline for registering?

This program has a rolling admissions program.  You can begin your MS degree in any Spring, Summer or Fall semester. The only requirement is that you complete either degree within five years of the start date.

Admissions are accepted on a rolling basis but it is preferred that you apply by April 7th for the Summer, and July 1st for the Fall and December 1st for Spring.  If you are interested in applying to the program after the preferred date, please email Sharon Schmidt.

Where do I send my official transcripts for my application?

E-transcript orders should be sent to

If E-transcripts are not available, transcripts can be mailed to:

The Graduate School

Stony Brook University

2401 Computer Science Building

Stony Brook, NY - 11794-4433

As an enrolled student, who would I contact if I have concerns about the program?

If you have concerns about the program, please contact the Program Coordinator at or 631-444-9204.  All students reserve the right to file a complaint at the state level should your concerns not be resolved to your satisfaction.  The following link provides instructions on how a student would proceed with a state complaint: http:

Will I be a dietitian once I get an MS in Nutrition?

NO.  This program does not satisfy any of the requirements to become a Registered Dietitian.  In order to become a Registered Dietitian, you need to successfully complete a Dietetic Internship program.  The Dietetic Internship Program at Stony Brook University is completely separate from the Graduate Nutrition Program.  Acceptance into the Dietetic Internship Program does not imply acceptance into the Graduate Nutrition Program and vice-versa.  You are not required to enroll in the Graduate Nutrition Program if you are accepted into the Dietetic Internship.  You certainly are encouraged to do so though.  Upon successful completion of the Dietetic Internship, you would be eligible to sit for the Registered Dietitian examination.  Successful completion of the MS in Nutrition will not make you eligible to sit for the Registered Dietitian examination.  To find out more about Stony Brook University's Dietetic Internship program, please visit

Will I be considered a nutritionist once I get a MS in Nutrition?

The terms nutritionist and dietitian are often used incorrectly and this program does not qualify you to be either.  The term nutritionist and dietitian are defined by individual states and in some cases federal agencies.  Our graduate program will not qualify you to become a nutritionist (or, as stated in the previous question, a dietitian) in NYS.  You would need to log additional hours for that distinction.

Will the courses in the graduate nutrition program satisfy the DPD requirements to get into the Dietetic Internship?

No.  The graduate nutrition courses do not satisfy these requirements.  To find out more about the DPD requirements, please visit

I received my Stony Brook ID number, now how do I register for courses?

The first time you are accessing SOLAR, you will use your Stony Brook ID number and then the initial SOLAR password is their date of birth in mmddyy format (example: December 5, 1973 would be typed as 120573).  You will then be prompted to create a new password.  Never share your password with anyone.  Once in SOLAR, you will need to Accept the Offer of Admission from the menu on the right.  Also on the right is NetID Maintenance.  Click on that to obtain your NetID and set your password.  You will use your NetID and NetID password to access Blackboard.  The courses are all taught on Blackboard.

There is a menu item on the right to Add/Drop a course.  You can view these instructional videos for help: this Enrolling in a Course and Dropping/Swapping courses.  SOLAR will not allow you to drop to 0 credits.  You will need to contact Sharon Schmidt if you want to drop to 0 credits and go on a Leave of Absence.  If you are matriculated and not on an official Leave of Absence and not registered for any courses on the first day of courses, you will be assessed a $50 Late Registration fee.

For more help on SOLAR, use this link for additional videos and instruction.

When can I register for classes?

Registration takes place in April for summer and fall and in November for winter and spring.  Matriculated students will receive an enrollment appointment in SOLAR. 

    Login to your SOLAR System Account
    Select "Student Records & Registration"
    Select the "Enrollment Dates" link under the Enrollment Menu 
    NOTE: Enrollment Appointments are available for viewing on the SOLAR System in the beginning of April for Fall Semester enrollment and the beginning of November for Spring Semester Enrollment.

Non-matriculated students will NOT receive an enrollment appointment.  They will be able to register later than matriculated students.  Refer to the academic calendar on the Student Services website for actual dates. 

How do I access Brightspace:

Brightspace can be accessed from the Stony Brook University Home page, or using this link. Stony Brook University IT offers instruction on Brightspace from its webpage.  Your course will be made available on Brightspace the weekend before the course is set to start.

Can I transfer any credits?

You may be eligible to transfer 6 credits toward the MS degree, pending approval of each course.  See the Admissions page for more information on transfer credit.

Can a F-1 Visa be extended while enrolled in this program?

No.  USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) will not issue a student visa for an on-line program.  International students who are interested in continuing their studies in the US should be advised to look for a full-time, on-site program.  International students can complete the online program from their birth country.

Where can I go to get IT help?

Please click on the attached link.