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Physician Assistant Post-Professional MS/Graduate Nutrition Certificate

This option is ONLY available to students matriculated in the

Stony Brook University PA Post-Professional Master's Program. 

Students enrolled in the Stony Brook PA Post-Professional Master's Program have the opportunity to earn an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Nutrition while completing their MS degree at no additional tuition cost.  This collaboration was developed in response to a growing need for health professionals to be trained to provide basic nutrition care and education to people in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Students who are successfully admitted to the PA PPMP can opt to apply and matriculate into the Advanced Certificate in Nutrition Program.  Students who are interested in the Advanced Certificate in Nutrition can take up to 6 nutrition program credits prior to matriculation in the Advanced Certificate Program.  A student must formerly apply and matriculate into the certificate program while simultaneously being matriculated in the PA PPMP program.  However, in most cases, additional transcripts and letters of recommendations will not be necessary if the student is already a matriculated PPMP student.

Admission Criteria

Admission Requirements for the Program are as follows:

  • completion of a baccalaureate degree with a preferred GPA of 3.0;
  • prior course in physiology with a grade of C+ or better (laboratory not required);
  • three letters of recommendation; and
  • official transcripts from your undergraduate institution(s); and
  • an essay that addresses the following: Explain how the Graduate Program in Nutrition will help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals.

GREs are NOT required for admission into this program.

Deadline for Application

This program accepts admissions on a rolling basis in any semester.  The preferred dates for applying to the Advanced Certificate are:

  • Spring semester start: December 1st
  • Summer semester start: April 1st

Applications for the Advanced Certficate in Nutrition are not accepted for the fall semester.

To apply to the Advanced Certificate in Nutrition Program:

Program Coursework

Students must complete 15 credits of approved courses for completion of the Advanced Certificate, earning a grade of C+ or better in each course and maintaining an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Four nutrition courses will be directly applied toward 12 of the 15 required certificate credits, as well as count towards the 12 elective credits needed for completion of the PPMP degree.  Course descriptions are below.

The four nutrition courses include:

  • 3 Required Nutrition Courses (all courses are 3 credits)
  • HFN 500   Survey of Nutrition Concepts
  • HFN 510   Issues & Trends in Nutrition 
  • HFN 515   Advanced Nutrition in Clinical Practice I
  •  Optional Courses (depending on career path and interest); students need to select 1- (all courses are 3 creidts)
  • HFN 502 Contemporary Issues in teh Global Food System
  • HFN 505 Current Topics: Maternal and Child Nutrition
  • HFN 512    Macronutrients & Metabolic Regulation
  • HFN 514 Micronutrients & Functional Nutrition
  • HFN 516    Advanced Nutrition in Clinical Practice II 
  • HFN 520    Advanced Communications and Counseling
  • HFN 525 Food Policy & Health Outcomes in the United States

Students may use HAP 552 Evidence Based Medicine: Evaluating and Applying Clinical Research as the remaining three credits to be applied to the Advanced Certificate in Nutrition.

If a student has already taken an introduction to nutrition course elsewhere that is deemed appropriate for transfer credit, a student may opt to replace HFN 500 with another course within the graduate nutrition curriculum with approval of the Program Associate Director.

For course descriptions, click on the Course Description tab under Curriculum.